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ASCII Import Tool in ProfiSignal Software

Delphin Professional Measurement Systems Delphin’s ASCII import tool can be used to convert a range of different texts, ASCII or *.csv based data types into *.hds format for use in Delphin ProfiSignal software. Measurement data from third-party equipment can also be imported. The only requirement is that each measurement data record includes a date/time stamp. … Continued

Reliable Satellite Communication in the Desert

‘Hot Soak’ Test Verifies Automotive Material Quality Recently a vehicle manufacturer used a unique data logging solution to help perform a series of rigorous tests on its prototype vehicles. The most punishing of these tests is called the ‘Hot Soak’—here the vehicle is parked outside in a desert facility and left over an extended period. … Continued

HVAC Power Metering Using Pulse Data Loggers

T&D RTR-505-P Wireless Pulse Data Loggers CAS DataLoggers supplied the wireless HVAC power metering data logging solution for an HVAC contractor who needed to perform power monitoring for their client’s 25 HVAC systems installed in a strip mall. The owner began searching for a compact yet cost-effective data logging device that could connect to most … Continued

SPI Interface Customization in Airbag ECU Testing

Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Relies on ADwin System CAS DataLoggers recently provided the data acquisition solution to an automotive manufacturer in a real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL or HWIL) automotive test simulation application for their airbag electronic control units (ECUs). Airbag test is a common HIL application in automotive development to ensure that components function properly and are up … Continued