Continuous Process Control Monitoring Safeguards Production

Powerful Measurement Technology from Delphin Delphin Technology and CAS Data Loggers present a process monitoring application that provides substantial business benefit to your bottom line. Effective process monitoring is critical to avoiding downtime, ensuring product quality and alarm generation to avoid catastrophic loss. CAS Data Loggers will provide you with a Delphin data acquisition system … Continued

High-Speed Acquisition of Velocities

Delphin Data Loggers for Test and Simulation Applications Pumps are required in diverse applications ranging from micro-dosage pumps in chemistry labs, standard pumps for gardens, all the way through to large-scale industrial or vacuum pumps. Each application has different est requirements, so users working in the pump sector greatly benefit from the flexibility and universal … Continued

Measuring Depth Using a dataTaker Data Logger and a Druck Depth Level Sensor

In this Tech Article from CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker, we describe the process of connecting the Druck PTX 1830 depth/level sensor to a dataTaker DT8x series data logger. This sensor outputs a 4-20mA signal and will be powered by the dataTaker’s switchable 12V regulated voltage output.   Equipment required: dataTaker DT8x data logger Druck PTX … Continued