Delphin DataService OPC Enables Bi-Directional Data Exchange

Delphin Measurement Systems The Delphin DataService API (application programming interface) provides users with the ability to communicate independently between Delphin Message and Expert devices and Delphin ProfiSignal software. The API, along with some programming knowledge, gives quick and easy help for tasks such as processing measurement data in ProfiSignal from non-in-house hardware and software, and … Continued

5 Tests to Calibrate Your DT80 Range Data Logger

For Series 3 dataTaker devices The new Series 3 DT80 range data loggers from dataTaker are intelligent monitoring solutions used the world over in almost every imaginable field and application. CAS DataLoggers Application Specialists have put together this how-to guide so users can check the calibration of their DT80 range data loggers. Just complete the … Continued

Fast and Flexible Technology for Test Measurement

Professional Test and Measurement Systems Heating unit and HVAC system testing is performed according to a wide range of industry standards. Measurement data provides the basis for a product‘s technical specifications, so a manufacturer’s sensor technology has to be capable of high-level precision. Meanwhile technicians require full automation of testing procedures and test results, but … Continued

Measuring Bearing Vibration Levels

Data Acquisition Systems for Fault Diagnosis & Condition Monitoring The diagnosis of bearing damage in roller bearings is an integral part of servicing and maintenance tasks. Increasingly, technicians rely on condition monitoring systems (CMS) for machine diagnoses in plants and factories. Many CMS systems are based on vibration measurements. Two contrasting approaches exist: the diagnostic, … Continued

Create a Time-Based Schedule Trigger With a dataTaker DT80

Based on the UNIX CRON Time Scheduler Version 9 firmware for the dataTaker DT80 datalogger includes a new time-based schedule trigger that is based on the UNIX CRON time scheduler. This powerful new schedule trigger type will greatly simplify many existing tasks and allow a greater flexibility in how and when a schedule is triggered. … Continued

3 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Buying a pH Data Logger

Common Issues and Recommended Solutions Measurement of the pH of a solution is very common in industrial manufacturing processes, plating, wastewater treatment and environmental monitoring. Logging this data provides you with information on long-term trends and the impact of various external factors on changes in pH, and can also be used for control, compliance reporting … Continued

Environmental Monitoring for Museum Curation

Data Loggers Monitor Temp, Humidity, Light and More In museum curation environments, accurate and reliable data is essential for preservation purposes. In fact, many art and curative organizations will not loan their collections out unless the institution in question can prove that they have a monitoring system in place to ensure that the art is … Continued

ADwin DAQ Systems for Control Applications

Real-Time PLC & Test Control with Many Popular Drivers CAS DataLoggers offers ADwin data acquisition and control systems for intelligent, high-speed control applications in every industry. Since 2001, we have supplied these high-performance measurement and control systems to customers working in many different applications. By utilizing the programmability of the ADwin’s local CPU, users can … Continued

Real-Time Control System Automates Paleomagnetic Studies

ADwin DSP Enables Precise Switching of Magnetic Fields Paleomagnetic research studies the magnetic history of geology as embodied in rock samples. These samples of interest contain metallic traces still oriented to the earth’s magnetic field as it existed at the time of the rock’s formation. To save time spent taking manual measurements, laboratory researchers are … Continued