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Tracking Environmental Conditions of Livestock Barns

Data Loggers Let Producers Check Animal Health from Mobile Devices Keeping livestock healthy is of the utmost importance for meat and dairy producers. Their barns hold hundreds of cows, pigs and other animals producing meat, milk and eggs. Excessive heat and humidity are one of the largest risks to livestock health, causing heat stress and … Continued

7 Reasons to Install Accsense for Medical Temperature Monitoring

Accsense Wireless and Wired Automated Monitoring Systems Pharmacies, hospitals and biorepositories store high-value but extremely temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and medicine, prompting the need for automated systems to accurately record and/or archive both temperature and humidity. However, the sheer variety of available solutions can make the selection process a lengthy one. To help them … Continued

Accsense Monitoring and Alarming Systems

Accsense systems provide continuous temperature monitoring and alarming in critical applications such as refrigerators, freezers and cryostats in hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies and other health care applications. Accsense models are also available for monitoring humidity, voltage, current and other parameters. With both wireless and LAN models the provide email, voice or text message alarm notification … Continued