Securing the dataTaker DT80 Web Services

Series 3 dataTaker Universal DataLoggers Series 3 dataTaker dataloggers are popular for their communications functionality and for their ease of programming using the built-in dEX software. In our latest Technical Article, we show you how to assign password protection to your dataTaker DT80 series logger and how to limit access to its interface if desired. … Continued

How to Install the Expert Key USB Driver on Windows 8.1 and 10

For Delphin Expert Key Data Acquisition Systems With Windows 10, Microsoft now enforces driver signing. As a consequence, Windows 10 won’t load the drivers of many data logger products. This Tech Article from Delphin and US distributor CAS DataLoggers shows you how to install the USB driver for the Expert Key model logger by changing … Continued

Sequential Process Control Via Automated Systems

Delphin Control Systems Enable Custom Programming Programming by Selection: Process control systems are used primarily in laboratories, at universities and in industrial research and development departments. For example, manufacturers rely on temperature profiles to test household appliances. Meanwhile laboratory users require a high level of system flexibility and fast response times. All these needs exclude … Continued

Independent Process Monitoring for Factories and Plants

Delphin Systems Offer Standalone Operation and Automation Above all, industrial manufacturing processes in factories and plants must function smoothly. Therefore, downtimes for these continuous processes have to be minimized to avoid the resulting extra costs involved. Consequently process monitoring is essential for error-free products and for maintaining the required quality standards. Delphin ProfiMessage and Expert … Continued

Monitoring and Alarming Multiple Incubators with a Single Data Logger

Accsense VersaLog Uses 8 Channels for Multi-Point Monitoring   Application Overview: Recently CAS Data Loggers provided the Accsense VersaLog temperature alarming and monitoring solution for an In Vitro fertilization clinic. The clinic needs to log temperature on three stacked automatic injection CO2 incubators used for culturing patients’ embryos. The clinic was using paper chart recorders … Continued

Delphin Expert Vibro Records Machine Vibration and Analyzes Humming

Gas turbine efficiency is critical to a facility’s productivity. A global manufacturer of gas turbines uses Delphin Expert Vibro Data Acquisition & Control Systems for humming vibration analysis of data collected within turbine combustion chambers. Continual monitoring is required not only of conventional vibration data from bearings and shafts, but also of dynamic pressure vibrations. … Continued

Increasing the Bottom Line by Monitoring Cranes to Identify Component Faults

Machine Fault Diagnostics with Delphin Data Logger Crane operators often only learn of machine damage when a motor or drive suddenly fails—a costly way to deal with a problem! To ensure early fault diagnosis, a universal Delphin data logger can continually monitor the crane components and produce alerts in the event of machine failures. Meanwhile … Continued

Mapping a Greenhouse Micro-Climate Using Wireless Data Loggers

T&D Automates Data Collection to Improve Product Quality   CAS Data Loggers has just provided the wireless temperature monitoring solution for a Northeast Ohio greenhouse growing lettuce and other high-demand produce.  To ensure the highest quality product the greenhouse ‘micro-climate’ has to be evenly maintained at an ideal temperature. The greenhouse climate control system is … Continued

Cost Effective Wireless Data Loggers Protect a Family Sausage Business

Automated Temperature Monitoring System from T&D Corp. In August of 2014 CAS Data Loggers provided the automated temperature monitoring solution for Longhini Sausage Co. Inc. in Connecticut, a family-owned business serving the Southern Connecticut area for almost sixty years. The business’s products are found in many of the area’s restaurants, delis, and supermarkets. Sausage is … Continued

Using GPS to Synchronize Data Loggers While Monitoring Oil Pipelines

Delphin DAQ Use GPS to Synchronize Clocks Across Expansive Distances A Spanish energy integrator named Sumelco Technologies recently proposed a data acquisition system for remote data collection and alarming on oil & gas pipelines as part of the ongoing effort to minimize ecological impacts of fossil fuel consumption. The team at Sumelco Technologies is comprised … Continued