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How to Choose a Temperature Data Logger for Vaccine Storage

Learn Tips to Help Protect Your Valuable Vaccine Inventory When vaccines aren’t maintained at the proper temperature (commonly 2-8°C), they quickly lose their potency so that children are at risk for infectious diseases. Vaccine temperature data loggers are a cost-effective way to stay in compliance with CDC recommendations concerning proper vaccine storage. Learn the basics … Continued

FSMA Applies to Pet Food Manufacturers

T&D Temperature Data Loggers for Proof of Best Practices As of earlier this year, FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act)—has already begun to be enforced for large pet food manufacturers. As part of the FDA’s food safety mandate, FSMA requires that animal food processors produce electronic temperature documentation at every link of the cold chain. … Continued

Strain Gauge Measurements With Current

Wheatstone bridge circuits are extensively used for measuring the output of strain gauge and for measuring other sensor outputs where a relatively small change in resistance must be detected. Bridge circuits have the advantage of high measurement sensitivity and also provide a significant degree of temperature compensation. dataTaker data loggers provide comprehensive support for the … Continued

How Do I Collect Data?

Using a Data Logger to Capture Data Saves Time and Cost Nowadays, every business and organization across every industry has heard about the benefits of collecting data. However, many people don’t know the best way to get started: for example, what device should you use, with what features and for what price? By using a … Continued

Increasing Cheese Production for a Dairy Manufacturer

Process Monitoring and Optimization With a Single dataTaker System CAS DataLoggers has just provided the data logging solution to a major dairy product manufacturer monitoring cheese- shaping machines on the production line. Like many others of its kind this facility is heavily automated and requires precise machine timing to achieve its production targets. The plant … Continued

Wireless Data Loggers Help Ensure Dairy Products Safety and Quality

Environmental Monitoring Augments Clean-In-Place Systems in a Creamery Recently CAS DataLoggers provided the environmental monitoring solution for a dairy manufacturer to augment their existing CIP (Clean-in-place) systems. Located in Fithian, Illinois, Ludwig Farmstead Creamery is a producer of European-style artisan cheese made with day-fresh milk from their own Holstein cows. First the cheese is crafted … Continued

ADwin for Test and Control of Rotating Machines

Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems for Machine Test Stands Automotive test bench applications require real-time test and measurement to increase PQ and to lower recall rates. To achieve this, the use of data acquisition and control systems is especially common in test stand setups. In particular, product quality technicians and test system integrators who need to … Continued

Requesting Support Files from Delphin

Walkthrough Covers How to Report Problems Delphin measurement systems are commonly used in data collection and test applications around the world. In our latest Tech Article, CAS DataLoggers and Delphin detail how you can generate a system report for your Delphin devices when requested by the manufacturer’s Support Team. This system report provides Delphin technicians … Continued