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Plug-and-Play Data Acquisition Using a PC

Delphin Expert Key Devices for Temperature Measurement and More Recording measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and easy to use. This in turn requires data acquisition systems with extremely high resolution, potential isolation, and reliability. To meet users’ needs, Delphin Expert Key devices have all these features and are also equipped … Continued

Automation Solutions for Use in Testing Heating Units

Fast and Flexible Measurement Technology The testing of heating units and systems is performed according to a wide range of demanding standards. To achieve this, automation of test procedures and results is required, but often involves lots of effort and is prone to error. While measurement data provides the basis for a product‘s technical specifications, … Continued

Four Common Sources of Inaccuracy in Sensor Measurements

How to Improve Your Data Acquisition System’s Measurement Accuracy Connecting a sensor such as a thermocouple to a data acquisition system to obtain accurate measurements involves some forethought. For example, electromagnetic signal interference (aka ‘signal noise’) and many other factors can combine to negatively affect measurement accuracy, or possibly even damage the equipment! Understanding these … Continued

Setting Automatic Scheduled Downloads Using the Grant Downloader

Grant Squirrel Data Loggers Auto-Send Data at User Set Intervals Grant Instruments’ Grant Downloader application enables users to set up automatic data downloads from Grant Squirrel Series Data Loggers. By configuring any number of profiles, users can quickly retrieve all data straight from their desktop with just one click. In addition, the Downloader application also … Continued