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Online Condition Monitoring of Process Machinery

German Manufactured Systems Help Prevent Process Delays & Shutdowns In the process industry, online condition monitoring of production-critical machines is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the Internet of Things. As a result, manufacturers are gradually replacing their redundant equipment with modern, PC-based data acquisition technology which enables predictable maintenance and scheduled production downtimes. … Continued

Connecting a dataTaker DT80-Range Data Logger to a LAN

Smart Data Loggers Enable Local & Remote Connection Smart data loggers offer several convenient features, not least of which is the ability to connect to local area networks (LANs). In our latest Technical Article, CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker show you how to connect a dataTaker DT80-range intelligent logger to a LAN. It’s an easy way … Continued

Automated System Monitors Mining Operations for ROI

Smart Systems Data logger manufacturer dataTaker helps users gather the critical information needed to make faster and smarter choices. These smart systems are equally suited to customers in the industrial, manufacturing, scientific, geophysical, engineering, mining and defense industries. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute dataTaker systems and consult with our customers to develop an ideal turnkey … Continued

Real-Time Control System Acts as Closed-Loop Motor Controller

ADwin Systems Enable Nanosecond-Speed Control Automotive data acquisition applications often use closed-loop control systems for ECU testing, engine prototype development, fuel injection, and more. These data monitoring applications can greatly benefit from modern control systems. Designed expressly for real-time control of automotive applications, ADwin systems control processes fully independently. With nanosecond control and sampling, ADwin … Continued

Need to Do an Energy Audit But Don’t Know How?

Start Saving With This Quick Checklist Most companies and organizations have many unexplored ways to lower their energy bills. In fact your own facility likely has several unrealized areas where you can decrease or otherwise optimize your energy usage for substantial long-term savings. While an energy audit is an ideal way to achieve this, many … Continued

Extend Your Wireless Range Using a CPE

Boost Your Signal with Wireless Antennas CPE devices (customer-premises equipment/customer-provided equipment) are convenient hardware located in customers’ businesses or residences. They include routers, modems, gateways, etc. that are bought by the customer or provided to them by a telecom or other business. For example, if you’re subscribed with Spectrum, you’re probably renting their CPE modem. … Continued