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Food Manufacturer Saves Time with Automatic Data Retrieval

Multi-Value Temperature Recorder Transmits Data via Modbus Earlier this year CAS DataLoggers provided the data capture solution for an industrial plant manufacturing frozen food products. Operators needed to collect real-time data on temperature, current, and the distance traveled by moving carts. The plant needed a data logger with several input channels to record both analog … Continued

Using T&D’s TR-4 Series of Bluetooth-Connected Data Loggers

New App Connects Your T&D Loggers to Your Smart Device The T&D TR-4 Series Bluetooth-connected Data Loggers are the simplest wireless devices to set up and use that T&D has ever produced. All you need to get up and running is a T&D Data Logger and a Smart Device, such as a Cell Phone or … Continued

Why You Should Consider Using Isolated Measurement Systems

The Benefits of System Isolation By keeping data acquisition signals separate, electrical isolation adds a layer of protection to your measurement equipment, both for the system’s components and to its collected data. But what exactly is electrical isolation, and what amount of isolation does your data acquisition system need? In this latest White Paper from … Continued

Accsense Monitoring Systems Software with Cloud Storage

Accsense Monitoring software gives you peace of mind whether you’re relying on Accsense hardware to monitor vaccine temperature, high-value medical goods, or a medical cleanroom. This real-time monitoring and alarming software is included free with your Accsense system along with all feature upgrades. Easy to use with no learning curve, Accsense software is web-based, with … Continued

Connect Your Machines to the Cloud with Delphin Expert Devices

Flexible Solutions with Powerful Analysis Software The requirements placed on modern data acquisition systems are diverse. On the one hand, they must be reliable and flexible and provide high resolution. On the other, strong communication capabilities are expected. Access to measurement data from the internet or the cloud must be possible from different types of … Continued

Totalizing Flow Data Using a Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorder

At CAS DataLoggers, we occasionally receive requests from customers who need a device to totalize flow data, often for water or wastewater applications. Many data logging applications require totalizing to derive volume, a count of events, or energy production/consumption. We supply many products supporting this convenient feature including Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders. Watch the Introduction … Continued