Process Monitoring for Explosives Manufacturing

Automated Solution Measures Multiple Parameters Recently dataTaker provided the remote process monitoring solution for a mining company with a unique application. Explosives for the mining industry are manufactured with a range of specified properties intended for particular uses. Nearly all of them contain ‘Nitropril,’ an explosives-grade ammonium nitrate. The industry’s requirements can only be met … Continued

Varying the Sample Rate on Delphin’s Expert Logger Series

Delphin’s Expert Logger series can log data at speeds up to 100 Hz per channel. When setting sample rate speeds in Delphin ProfiSignal software, users have a choice between logging at a constant rate or at a maximum rate. In our latest Tech Article from Delphin, we discuss both of these options. For more information … Continued

How to Lock the Display Screen in Profisignal Software

ProfiSignal for Visualization, Analysis and Automation Delphin Technology has added a convenient new feature in its new firmware update for ProfiSignal software. Version 260 completely revises and improves the display functions available for Delphin Expert devices. This quick walkthrough from Delphin and CAS DataLoggers shows you how to lock the display screen, increasing data security … Continued

Streamlining Endurance Testing with Standalone Control Systems

Delphin Message Devices Monitor and Send Texts Alerts During Endurance Testing The goal of product endurance testing is to subject manufactured products to real-world stress and ultimately to achieve service life certification. In these long-term applications, technicians require both data acquisition and control capabilities. Delphin data loggers are ideal for multi-channel test applications, offering PC-independent … Continued