7 Ways a Data Logger Can Cut Your Business Costs

Data loggers are devices which collect data by taking physical or electrical readings from external or internal sensors over an extended period. They’re an ideal way to monitor, record and alarm temperature and other measurement values, removing the need for personnel to spend time taking measurements themselves.

At CAS DataLoggers, we work daily to supply businesses–large and small–with our affordable solutions. Here are just 7 ways in which you can save money and time by using automated data collection!

What Does a Data Logger Do?

Data loggers are an ideal way to record Temperature, Humidity, Current/Voltage, and many other types of data. If you need to log more than one measurement value or to analyze the data in detail, there are many multi-channel models available for your specific needs.

Additionally, intelligent data loggers can even perform command functions, such as telling a PLC to shut off at a certain time. For example, our versatile Series 3 dataTaker data loggers feature universal input channels to connect with almost any sensor type.

How Can Data Loggers Save You Costs?

  1. Remote notification/alarms via email or text message
  2. Ability to trigger actions from external events, i.e. PLC, SCADA
  3. Ability to measure most types of sensors using only one device
  4. ‘Stand-alone’ operation means it logs on its own
  5. Local alarm outputs to notify operators or to trigger other equipment
  6. Gauge worker & machine productivity by shift, week or month
  7. Gather data on your industrial process. For example, heat treatment processes can improve PQ by using temperature data to create oven temperature profiles.

Remote Alarms Save Your Products

By continually monitoring product temperature, data loggers ensure that you’ll get an email or text alarm the instant that your product goes outside safe temperatures. This is popular not only in Food & Beverage applications but also in industrial process monitoring. This feature alone can pay for the logger by helping to avoid a disastrous loss of product or a costly process delay!

Temperature Data Loggers are ideal for cold chain management in:

  • Warehouses and storage rooms
  • Restaurants and Delis (walk-in freezers, meat lockers, etc.)
  • Trucks in transit to vendors
  • … and many more Food & Beverage applications!

Wireless Communication for Instant Access to Data

Wireless systems with remote monitoring capability allow you to get immediate temperature alarms anytime, anywhere. The TR-71wf WiFi Temperature Data Logger is a two-channel model with an external thermistor sensor, an LCD, and a measuring range of -40° to 230°F (-40° to 110°C). By using TandD’s free WebStorage Service, users can access stored data and get alarms from their mobile devices directly from the cloud!

Prove PQ to Inspectors & Vendors

SwiTrace IPlug-PDF Temperature Data Loggers continually monitor your product whether in storage or transit, electronically storing the data for compliance purposes. These simple temperature monitoring solutions are easy to use, log automatically, and are designed to operate in any industrial environment. Their built-in USB interface makes connection to a PC for downloading data a snap!

Proof of Regulatory Compliance

By using a data logger, you can also collect, store and present your data to your vendors and product inspectors alike. For example, your staff and truck drivers can check temperature at a glance and also get alarms in time to save entire inventories.

If you need compliance for FSMA, HACCP, FDA 21-CFR or another industry regulation, dataloggers also serve as a temperature documentation system proving regulatory compliance.

Not Sure Where to Start? Ask the Specialists!

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