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Accsense Clean Room Monitoring Kits


Laboratories, clinical procedure rooms and operating rooms are increasingly required to monitor the ambient temperature, humidity and pressure across the room boundaries.  A data logging and monitoring system using the CAS Dataloggers clean room monitoring kit will record these parameters for historical records as well as provide alarm notification when the measurements threshold have been breached.

CAS DataLoggers Clean room monitoring kit is based around our popular Accsense monitoring products.  The measurement pods use internal temperature and humidity sensors and an external delta-pressure sensor for the room positive pressure measurement.  The clean room monitoring kit can be added to an existing Accsense refrigerator/freezer temperature monitoring system, or operate as a stand alone system for the clean rooms.  The kit is used in hospital and clinic environments as well as laboratory and sophisticated manufacturing processes where ensuring a clean controlled environment is necessary.

Contact us at CAS DataLoggers to discuss your clean room monitoring requirements with one of our application specialists.  We can adapt the basic kit to meet your specific requirements.