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Accsense Incubator Temperature Monitoring Systems

Clinical laboratories, fertility clinics and analytical labs all rely on incubators to maintain temperature, humidity and other conditions such as oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration for growth and storage of biologic cultures, cells and tissue.  For consistent experiments and procedures, it is critical to maintain these parameters record them for historical archive.  CAS DataLoggers has developed a number of incubator monitoring kits to fill this need.

The kits are made up of sensors and data loggers or network connected devices to send the data to either a cloud server or a server on the local network.  In some cases, a voltage or 4-20 mA current input is provided by the incubator which be used in place of additional sensors.  The system will automatically collect and store the desired parameters and equally as important, will generate alarms to alert you to out of tolerance conditions to prevent spoilage of tissue, cells and cultures.

The systems can also provide indication and record of door openings as well as alarms generated by the incubator itself.   These systems can be expanded to include temperature monitoring of storage refrigerators and freezers as well as storage areas giving you a complete solution for your laboratory or research facility.

If maintaining a consistent environment in your facility’s incubators is critical for your research or operation, give us a call at CAS DataLoggers.  Our experienced application specialists can assist you with finding the best solution for your specific requirements.