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Accsense Pharma Temperature Monitoring Systems

The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulatory oversight to ensure that the environmental conditions in production and storage environments are maintained.  It is critical to record the environmental conditions during the production and storage of product and securely archive the data while also making it available for quality and regulatory audit.

CAS Dataloggers has created a number of Condition monitoring kits for pharmaceutical research, production and storage spaces.  These kits record and monitor a variety of parameters including temperature, humidity, differential pressure and light.

The kits are made up of sensors and a data loggers or network connected devices which record and transmit data to either a cloud based server, or to a location on your internal network.  These systems can be expanded to include temperature monitoring of storage refrigerators and freezers as well as incubators and storage areas giving you a complete solution for your operation.  These kits have features which support your CFR21 part 11 efforts.

Equally as important as providing a historical record of the data, these systems provide alerting for out of tolerance conditions so that you can take corrective action and prevent scrap and reduce wasted raw materials.

If maintaining a consistent environment in your research facility, production lines or storage area is critical for your operation, give us a call at CAS Dataloggers.  Our experienced application specialists have helped hundreds of customers with these needs and can assist you with finding the best solution for your specific needs.