Accsense Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Kits

Maintaining the correct temperature during storage is critical for most vaccine product.  Federal and State vaccine programs require that the storage temperature of vaccines is recorded to ensure that the efficacy is maintained.

The CDC recommends a continuous monitoring and recording digital data logger.  CAS Dataloggers has created a number of kit based solutions for recording and monitoring the storage temperature of vaccines in refrigerators and freezers.  These kits are designed to provide a simple and effective solution that is easy to install and can provide critical temperature data immediately.

Based around wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi and even wireless hardware, these kits meet the key recommendations of the CDC.

The key feature; replacing outdated, manual temperature data collection with automated data logging provides more accurate data that is automatically archived with no manual intervention required.  In addition, and equally as important, is the alarming feature to alert you when an out of tolerance condition exists.   This enables you to react to the situation before vaccine degradation or spoilage can occur.

The kits are made up of temperature sensors, thermal buffers and a data logger or network connected device to record and transmit data to either a cloud based server, or to a location on your internal network.  The sensor is placed inside the refrigerator or freezer cavity with the electronics located outside the cavity.  Data and current temperatures are available from the included software or using a web browser to the cloud server.

If monitoring the temperature in a storage refrigerator or freezer is important to you and your business, research or life sciences facility, give us a call at CAS DataLoggers.  Our experienced application engineers can work with you to identify the best solution for your temperature monitoring needs.