ASCII Export of Data from an XY Trend Using ProfiSignal

Delphin ProfiSignal Software

ASCII export is a convenient way to view collected data taken from a data logger or data acquisition system. Afterward, you can analyze the data from an office PC or laptop. Today Delphin Technology and CAS DataLoggers show you how to create an ASCII export from a YX trend.

ASCII export from a YX trend:

Just follow the instructions using a Delphin data logger and Delphin ProfiSignal software.

Start your YX trend and click on the ‘cursor’ symbol.

Right-click between cursors 1 and 2 and select ‘Export’.

Now select the ‘ASCII export settings …’ option and specify your settings. We have summarized the main settings information below.

  • Export comments: Comments (the long text from channel information) can be separately hidden/shown.
  • Date and time: Date and time columns can also be hidden/shown. Date and time (one column) uses a single column for date and time. A space character separates date and time.
  • The timestamp can be generated relative to the starting time, and timestamp precision can be set. Milliseconds are possible; that can then be recorded to a separate column.
  • Decimal Separator: Decimal point or comma, depending on target software requirements.
  • Line separation/column separation: Select the character for line and column separation. The default for line separators is ‘LF’ and for columns it is ‘;’. Select the character that is required by the target software.
  • Number prefix and number suffix: These limiters have spaces as default values. Some programs require limiters for numerics. The limiter characters can be entered here. Special characters (non-printable characters) are entered using an ASCII code (see above).
  • Decimal places: The number of decimal places (default = 2). This setting is used for the data type ‘double/floating-point number’.

Export modus:

  • Adaptive block by block: Saves measurement data only when a value changes. For each channel, a data block is set up which contains all measurement value changes in sequential order with date/time. This is the default setting for export modus.
  • Adaptive line by line: Saves measurement data only when a value changes. For each change in measurement data, a new line is generated for any selected channel.
  • Equidistant line by line: Saves measurement data according to a set time period. The data is then easy to insert into an Excel table.

Now return to the Export menu and select ‘Export’ from all channels, or only for those you require.

Delphin Software screen shot

Finally, select the save destination and provide a name for your *.csv file.

For further information on Delphin data acquisition systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437.