Benchmark Systems for PID Control with ADwin

Real-Time Control System for PID, ECU Test Stands, and More

Effective Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control requires devices with high sampling rates for real-time speed. Designed and manufactured in Germany, ADwin control systems are ideal benchmark systems for PID control, especially open-loop and closed-loop control. Industrial and automotive applications are sure to benefit from their high sample rate (to 4 MHz per channel) and true real-time processing for precise control capabilities.

Real-Time Control with Fast Feedback

ADwin systems support parallel, individually-controlled processes while running in real-time independently of the PC’s operating system. These systems provide deterministic operation with I/O response times of 1 uSecond or less. ADwin’s key feature is its tightly-coupled analog and digital inputs that provide extremely low-latency operation.

ADwin systems are available in three form factors:

    • ADwin-X: Standalone with 8 analog inputs standard
    • ADwin-Gold-II: Standalone, external system with 16 analog inputs
    • ADwin-PRO-II: Industrial, modular 19-inch system with up to 480 analog/digital inputs

ADwin offers a variety of other I/O options including Counters/PWM/Encoders, CANbus, SSI, Profibus/Fieldbus, Ethernet, and Serial.

Automotive Control Applications

ADwin data acquisition systems are used for real-time testing of Automotive components, sensors and electronic control units (ECUs), electrical component test, control of servohydraulic systems, motion control, signal/waveform generation, and high-speed data acquisition.

System Resources in 100-1000 kHz Range:

benchmark systems for PID control

Versatile Design:

  • Fast, Flexible Digital Programmable Controllers
  • Closed-Loop: Multi-Axis Controllers
  • Open-Loop: Large Lookup Tables

Vibration Test Stand Control:

    • Devices Under Test:
      • Automotive and Aerospace Components
      • Material and Structural Tests
    • Test Stand Requirements:
      • Hydraulically, Pneumatically, E-shaker
      • Single and Multiple-Axis
      • Numerical and Field-Recorded Test Profiles
    • Parallel Functions on a Single ADwin System:
      • Function Generators, Digital Controllers
      • Feedback Measurement and Online Analysis

Hardware in the Loop (HIL) and ECU Test Control:

  • ECU Test
    • Airbag, Engine, ABS, Turbines, etc
  • HIL
    • Stimulation of Sensor-Output Signals
    • ECU Stimulation
    • Feedback Acquisition and Analysis
  • Example Airbag ECU Test System:
    • Simulation of Analog and Digital (SPI) Acceleration Sensor
    • CAN Rest Bus Simulation

Automotive Interfaces:

  • CAN, CAN-FD*
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • SENT
  • PSI5

Intelligent Data Acquisition:

  • Programmable Online Evaluation
  • Complex Triggering Conditions, Data Reduction
  • Time-Triggered, External Triggers, Angular-Based Triggered

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