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CAN Bus Logger Keeps Cambridge Racing Team Competitive

Influx Rebel CT Records Test Data

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photo by Intel Free Press; cropped

Cambridge University Eco-Racing (CUER) is a student-run society of 60 undergraduates affiliated with the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department who design, build and race solar-powered vehicles. Their main competition is a biennial endurance challenge consisting of a 3,000 km (1,864 miles) journey across the Australian outback, travelling from Darwin to Adelaide. To keep their cars competitive, the team utilizes a CAN Bus logger to collect vehicle data.

Recording CAN Bus Data Improves Performance

Amy Livingstone, Head of CUER’s Electrical Team explains:

“Since we build a new car each 2-year cycle, we have to do extensive testing in a short period of time, which requires maximizing the data collected in each run. CUER began using Influx Technology products in 2013 including multiple add-ons such as the K-box for analog instrumentation. We also had three software licenses for the DiaLog Plus configuration and Analysis software.

“The Rebel CT data logger allows us to collect the information on the car’s CAN bus logger, including safety-related information such as battery cell temperature and performance data like the phase current into the motor. We use the K-box to read the analog input from our steering angle sensor to a high resolution, while the software is very helpful for performing initial data conversions and scaling, as well as viewing data on the go through the oscilloscope function.”

Compact, Flexible Vehicle DataLogger

can bus logger data loggerThe Influx Rebel CT Vehicle Data Logger is the ideal device to capture OBD, CAN, analog and GPS signals. This compact solution offers versatile and powerful data logging with advanced configuration and analysis software enabling users to start recording data in just minutes! With remote data accessibility using the Streamlog cloud server, the Rebel CT is the ideal solution for CAN bus data recording in developing alternative fuel sources including electric and hybrid transmission, in diesel applications, fleet management, and more.

With up to 6 (opto-isolated) CAN communications channels, the Rebel CT allows data to be collected from the OBD port using ISO14229 and ISO15765 protocols and also features support for K-Line, FlexRay and LIN protocols. The Rebel CT also features 8 Status LEDs, user accessible SD memory storage of 32GB, multiple configurable trigger sources, and an option for remote link via a 3G cellular modem and optional GPS for location tracking. The K-box instrumentation module and expansion box provides electrically-isolated analog instrumentation and temperature measurement via K or T-type thermocouple inputs.

Amy explains the benefits of using the Rebel:

“We are currently in the process of validating the stability of the 2019 car using steering angle and yaw rate to determine the oversteer and understeer. While conducting constant radius tests and impulse response tests, we needed to collect high-resolution data over the course of the testing day in order to evaluate the effect of different weight distributions.

“The Rebel CT was a perfect solution to our data collection needs, allowing us to collect not only the information we knew we needed for analysis, but also additional information such as acceleration which aided in further clarifying the results. For example, stability is a very important factor for our confidence in the car and ensuring the safety of our drivers, so the Rebel CT data logger is an extremely valuable data collection tool for us.”

For further information on the Influx Rebel CT Vehicle Data Logger CAN Bus loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.


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