CAS DataLoggers Offers Cellular Base Station Configuration Guide

Detailing Setup for T&D RTR-500GSM Wireless Data Loggers

CAS DataLoggers is now offering customers a convenient new user guide from T&D, created to answer the most common issues customers have while setting up their wireless T&D RTR-500GSM Mobile Base Stations. This handy .pdf guide takes users through configuration and setup of their cellular base stations to get their applications up and running as quickly as possible. Topics covered in the guide include getting started with connection and the initial settings wizard, troubleshooting text message failures, navigating the settings window for email, FTP and warning reports, and many other common setup questions. This .pdf is now available on the CAS DataLoggers product page for the device under the “Useful Links” section.

The T&D RTR-500GSM mobile base station carries out wireless communication equipped with GSM phone network capabilities, and can be used as a Base Unit for the popular RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger series. By placing a Base Unit in a truck cabin and one or more Remote Units in the cargo compartment, it’s easy to monitor temperature and humidity en route to the destination. As long as the Base Unit is in communication range for cellular phone service it can be used to communicate with and manage all data loggers within wireless communication range, making it perfect for transport in the mountains, on the sea, or for any out of the way places where a LAN connection is impossible. When a measurement exceeds an upper or lower limit and has been judged by the RTR-500GSM to qualify as a warning event, a warning report can be sent via E-mail or SMS to a specified e-mail address, enabling the user to always stay in the know about critical changes in measurement readings. Further, by connecting a siren or lamp to the external contact output connector to activate when an important warning occurs, personnel at the point of measurement can quickly take any necessary action.

Additionally, recorded data and current readings can be automatically downloaded from Remote Unit(s) at a set interval so that the data can then be sent by e-mail or FTP to a designated address for unmatched accessibility. The wireless communication range, if unobstructed and direct, is about 500 feet [150 meters], and placing a Repeater between the RTR-500GSM and Remote Units easily expands the wireless communication range. Downloading recorded data from one full (16,000 readings) Remote Unit into the Base Unit only takes about two minutes.

T&D data loggers offer compact and waterproof monitoring solutions ideal for use in extreme environments. The entire product line includes wireless data loggers measuring temperature, humidity, and voltage; high-accuracy temperature recorders; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; and even a 3-in-1 logger monitoring carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. These sophisticated products are used in demanding applications including transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, industrial manufacturing and processing, and agriculture.