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DAQ Systems for Real-Time Product Quality Testing

Delphin LogMessage Series For High-Speed Process Monitoring

No matter your manufacturing process, your business can greatly benefit from accurate product testing and verification. This way, any failures can be caught as quickly as they are formed. However, the high variability in part formation makes monitoring values such as force and displacement difficult—the difference between a quality and defective part is often measured in milliseconds. Therefore these demanding applications require a high-speed device to capture all the data to reduce the frequency of failures and the attendant shipping costs. At CAS DataLoggers, our Application Specialists often recommend an automated setup utilizing a Delphin LogMessage 1000 Data Logging System for accurate process monitoring.

The LogMessage performs feasibility investigation, for example by connecting to a pressure transducer which can monitor hydraulic presses and other part-forming machines. The Delphin data logger monitors force, displacement, temperature and other parameters using real-time sampling in the 100-500Hz range. With the Delphin DAQ system, users now have the ability to sample quickly enough to detect force vs. time during the pressing operation which is measured in fractions of a second. Potentially there are a number of failures which create bad parts and which will still pass a limit test, so this exact timing and detailed information greatly improves your process monitoring.

Delphin LogMessage devices are specifically designed as universal data loggers. As an example, our Delphin LogMessage 1000 is equipped with 15 analog inputs and a sampling rate of up to 600 measurements per second. The inputs can be used for data acquisition of mV, mA signals or any type of thermocouple, and all inputs have differential and galvanic isolation. The complete package consists of the LogMessage device and ProfiSignal Go Software, enabling you to measure and analyze data immediately with no delays.

The Delphin LogMessage works completely independently as a data logger for acquiring, monitoring, computing and storing measurement data. The internal data memory allows continuous recording of up to 250 million samples, and LogMessage systems are available in 9 different styles to suit individual process needs.

In cases of linear displacement measuring and logging other values requiring a higher measurement speed, the Delphin LogMessage 4000 High Speed System is an ideal solution. This data logger has an overall sampling rate of up to 10,000 measurements per second which can accurately measure displacement and other demanding requirements. Any number of alarm and logic channels can be defined for the 8 analog inputs and 28 digital channels, and any of the system’s 5 digital outputs can be switched regardless of the current alarm situation.

A key advantage of the Delphin setup is the included ProfiSignal PC Software which lets users view and evaluate the data curves produced during the process to get a list of well-formed parts and their formation details. Every LogMessage is delivered with this professional software, used for online/offline monitoring and measurement data analysis. Just 3 steps are required to display measurement data as trends, to analyze the data, and to evaluate offline data. Additionally, ProfiSignal has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to learn and to quickly get up and running with your application. For example, the software shows how a hydraulic cylinder ‘bottoms out’ while forming a part, with the data shown in the form of a spike in a chart form.

Delphin LogMessage data loggers are a cost-effective solution enabling you to setup automated product quality testing and catch failures as they happen. Your process will also benefit from the archiving and analysis capabilities of the included ProfiSignal software. Just give our experienced Applications Specialists a call to find the right system for your individual process.