dataTaker Wireless Universal Input Data Loggers

The DT80 and DT85 data loggers from dataTaker have an interesting option for those applications where remote monitoring is required, but no internet connection exists. For environmental applications where no wired or wifi network exists or for industrial applications where access to the corporate internet connection is not possible The DT80M and DT85M have a built in cellular 3G modem which can give you access to the data you need. These loggers are used in a number of remote monitoring applications at customer sites where access to the LAN and internet is not permitted by the customers’ IT department.

The DT80M and DT85M have all of the same advanced features as the base units. These loggers can perform all the same sophisticated logging and monitoring functions and add in a full featured 3g cellular modem. This allows for direct SMS messaging for alarm notification or measurement notification as well as email and FTP data transfers. The DT80M and DT85M can also use the CEM20 channel expansion module to increase the number of analog input channels to over 900.