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Delphin Products Offer Intercommunication with Many Systems

Flexible Data Acquisition and Control from CAS DataLoggers

Do you already use Delphin data acquisition products or are you looking for a data acquisition system with universal interfaces?  CAS DataLoggers is Delphin’s Master Distributor in North America and offers you a variety of DAQ and control systems. Additionally, Delphin ProfiSignal software has a new range of communication interfaces and the Message hardware is equipped with internal interfaces. These give users even greater flexibility in exchanging data with other hardware and software components.

Delphin InfographicStandardized interfaces simplify installation and give users access to a wide range of fully functioning communication solutions. Here’s an overview of the available interfaces to suit your individual needs:

OPC Client
Hardware in production processes is usually equipped with an OPC Server. Typical hardware includes PLCs and analysis/monitoring equipment. ProfiSignal’s OPC Client enables users to transfer, visualize and archive the measurement and process data from these devices and enable the data to undergo further processing.

OPC Server
The data-server enables access to all recorded measurement data. This data can then be used via OPC for any type of visualization or alarm system, for example in a control room. ProfiSignal can also analyze historical data at high-level resolution.

XML Driver
Access to measurement data in ProfiMessage devices is possible via the XML-based Ximp protocol which functions for any type of operating system and can therefore be used by Linux or Java applications. XML-based driver commands are used to deliver data in the format required.

The standardized ModBus protocol enables the connection of power measuring units, any type of analysis/measurement device, control displays and many others to a Message device via either the serial interface or an Ethernet network for TCP versions. This enables a diverse range of applications from process industry PDAs (Production Data Acquisition), mobile measurement cases with integrated power measuring units, all the way through to fully automated testing systems.

OCX/API interface
This interface enables Delphin products (both hardware and software) to be connected to any type of high-level language. This makes it simple to get existing test systems to function with Delphin data acquisition systems. Users are then able to utilize the possibilities provided by the ProfiSignal software and its powerful database system.

ASCII export and import
Measurement data recorded by ProfiSignal can be exported at the click of a mouse and then processed further using analysis or spreadsheet software such as Excel. Users can also import data using a powerful import tool enabling the import of ASCII files into ProfiSignal.

SQL/ODBC interface
This interface has become well established in database applications. Typical uses include PDA (Production data acquisition) applications and connections to test-data databases. The interfaces are generally used for processing test stand data and transferring ProfiSignal-processed data to higher-level databases.

Customized drivers
In addition to the standard interfaces and drivers, Delphin’s development team is also able to generate drivers for any type of connection requirement. If you can’t find the driver you need or you are using a non-standard system, give the CAS DataLogger Applications Specialists a call to learn more about these advanced DAQ systems.