Exhaust System Monitoring for Diesel Engines

Cutting down on particulate emissions has become important in the diesel engine industry due to new standards such as RICE NESHAP, a new EPA regulation focusing on air toxins. As an example,  CAS DataLoggers is currently involved in the monitoring of a new catalytic converter system under development, using a dataTaker DT82I industrial data logger to record factors such as the incoming and outgoing exhaust temperature, differential pressure in the converter chambers, and the diesel engine’s RPM.  These advanced monitoring systems help ensure that engines are properly retrofitted, tested and documented for full compliance.

The collected data from the dataTaker allows the logging system’s user to track how hard the engine was running, as well as enabling them to monitor any possible problems with exhaust flow through the catalytic converter via the differential pressure gauge. Additionally, the dataTaker’s alarming capabilities provide a convenient fail safe–if a problem should occur with the data logger in future, alarms have been put in place that will notify the end user of the logger, as well as the operator of the diesel engine, that the engine is not running at peak efficiency.

The DT82I is a stand-alone data logger with battery backup which features universal inputs for connection with a wide range of sensor types for unattended logging using its internal battery for extensive operation. These solutions contain an extensive array of features including USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and a built-in display. The dataTaker’s Dual Channel concept allows up to 4 isolated or 6 common referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations, and the universal inputs take measurements from almost any sensor type including thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors, and many others. The DT82I forms a completely self-contained solution to accurately measure temperature and other key conditions.

Equipped with superior data storage capability, the dataTaker can store up to 10 million expandable data points so that as much or as little data can be recorded as needed. After filling allocated memory, users can choose to overwrite or stop logging, archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory, or transfer via FTP to provide data via the Internet or mobile phone network without any need for polling or specific host software. The free built-in dEX web interface allows users to configure the DT82I, access logged data, and view measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser.