Exporting Data in ASCII Format Using ProfiSignal Software

Delphin Measurement Systems Import to Excel™, MATLAB™ and More

Using Delphin data acquisition systems and the included ProfiSignal software, users can export recorded and saved data. To use measurement data in other programs, users must first convert the data into a format suitable for import into the desired software. While software such as Excel™, MATLAB™, and OCTAVE™ accept a range of data formats, most use either ASCII or CSV formats. ProfiSignal software allows you to export data into both these formats, either from the system’s memory or by setting a scheduler event. This brief walkthrough from CAS DataLoggers shows you how.

First run ProfiSignal. Once in the software, just select:

     Main menu Readout device storage

ASCII export from the data memory:

The selected memory area is read out and converted into ASCII format according to the export settings. Using these ASCII export settings you can configure your own ASCII file. The current settings can be checked and amended if required. You can also save settings and reuse them for subsequent exports.

ASCII export using a scheduler event:

You can also set a scheduler event to automatically export the data in ASCII format along with the read- out interval. Just select:

     Scheduler Event Settings menu→ ‘Read Memory’ tab→ ‘Convert into ASCII’ checkbox

Profisignal event scheduler

In the ‘ASCII Settings’ box that opens, you can select from three different options under the ‘Mode’ tab:

  • Equidistant: Saves measurement data according to a set time frame. It is then easy to insert the data into a table.
  • Adaptive block: Data is saved only when a value changes. For this type of export, a data block is set up for each channel which contains all changed measurement values in sequential order along with dates/times.
  • Adaptive line: Data is saved only when a value changes. For each change in the measurement data, a new line is generated for a selected channel.

Professional PC Software:

ProfiSignal is a complete software system for data acquisition, analysis, visualization and automation. The software is user-friendly and combines professional functionality with easy operation. ProfiSignal gives users a clear and logical overview of all measurement systems, whether for single or multi-thousand channel applications. ProfiSignal is modular, scalable and available in three versions: Go, Basic and Klicks.

About Us:

At CAS DataLoggers we offer data acquisition and control systems including high-performance real-time systems for applications where traditional test systems or programmable controllers are not suitable. These systems are popular in data acquisition, test and control applications requiring microsecond precision. We have models with 8 to over 400 analog input channels, analog output channels, digital inputs and outputs, counters, RS-232, RS-485 CANbus and Profibus interfaces.