Extend Your Wireless Range Using a CPE

Boost Your Signal with Wireless Antennas

WiFi Data Logger ApplicationsCPE devices (customer-premises equipment/customer-provided equipment) are convenient hardware located in customers’ businesses or residences. They include routers, modems, gateways, etc. that are bought by the customer or provided to them by a telecom or other business. For example, if you’re subscribed with Spectrum, you’re probably renting their CPE modem.

Wireless CPE Applications:

  • Establishing a Point-to-Multi-Point network.
  • Creating a stable connection when used on each side of a Point-to-Point link (i.e. on each of 2 buildings)
  • Can connect with a laptop PC to receive signals as a wireless client (to collect data from a tower, etc.).

Wireless Antennas Extend Your Capabilities

As an example of how a CPE can augment your existing equipment, the AirGrid M from Ubiquiti is a long-range wireless broadband antenna that can be used to extend the wireless range of data recorders. This wireless broadband CPE is ideal for outdoor environmental monitoring applications, specified at a performance of 100+ Mbps outdoors at a range of 30+ kilometers.

The airMAX communicates via the TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) protocol, which allows users’ clients to transmit and receive data at specific time slots. The versatile airMAX can connect with wireless data loggers to function as a signal booster and save time otherwise spent manually retrieving data.
You can find the AirGrid M’s specsheet here: https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/airgridm/airGrid_HP.pdf

Need to Boost Your Range? We Can Help!

If your data collection application needs extended range for remote monitoring and wireless data retrieval, we can help you to design a custom all-in one solution. If you’re considering a wireless monitoring system, we can also recommend a CPE for use with it to boost the signal considerably.

At CAS Dataloggers, our Wireless Data Loggers are available with several different types of inputs depending on your required temperature range and accuracy. They can also be combined with other wireless data loggers to log temperature, humidity, voltage, and other signals to provide a truly comprehensive remote monitoring system.

We offer a variety of different data loggers which incorporate cellular modems for remote monitoring applications. Using GSM technology, these systems allow downloading stored data, viewing live data and remote configuration from any site with cellular coverage. Additional capabilities include SMS and email alarms for notification of faults and automatic data upload via FTP.

Our wireless monitoring systems include:

Data Loggers with Integrated Cellular Modems
Highly sophisticated data loggers that collect and transmit data via cellular communication, and allow users to access and download their data remotely via the internet.

WiFi Data Loggers
Data loggers with WiFi, ethernet networking, or models that wirelessly connect to PC via WiFi.

Bluetooth Data Loggers
Data loggers with built-in Bluetooth communications allow easy access to your data via standard, short-range wireless links.

We can also package many of our standard data loggers with cell modems, including GSM and CDMA versions that support most common carrier networks to fit specific application requirements.

For more information on our Wireless Solutions, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.