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Fast and Flexible Technology for Test Measurement

Professional Test and Measurement Systems

Heating unit and HVAC system testing is performed according to a wide range of industry standards. Measurement data provides the basis for a product‘s technical specifications, so a manufacturer’s sensor technology has to be capable of high-level precision. Meanwhile technicians require full automation of testing procedures and test results, but implementing this involves lots of effort and is error-prone. However, users can easily generate the complex series of formulae required for automation by using the intuitive Delphin ProfiSignal software.

Delphin ProfiMessage and Expert Key data loggers deliver the required levels of precision. Delphin ProfiSignal analysis software features a dynamic reporting function allowing users to open reports using the ProfiSignal Viewer, where they can then be printed and sent as PDF files.

Application Features:

  • Complete systems including hardware and adaptable test stand software
  • Easy-to-connect oil-scale equipment and gas meters
  • Fast and flexible connection technology
  • Automated evaluation and reporting functions complying to standard requirements
  • Low-maintenance and extendible oil and gas analysis tables

Automated Test Stand Example:

Delphin has prepared a catalog of testing devices for a major manufacturer of heating systems which meet their full range of testing requirements. Users can select from the different versions according to their particular application and requirements. Technicians simply connect analog inputs to any required thermocouple or Pt100/Pt1000. All sensors are connected using terminal connectors to enable highly flexible and fast setups.

All test procedures comply with the manufacturer’s standards and were created using Delphin’s ProfiSignal Klicks automation software. A servicing package ensures that each test application is always up-to-date and that the system remains compatible for future PC generations and operating systems.

Typical Areas of Application:

  • Combustion trials using oil and gas
  • Determining continuous performance
  • Deficits in operational readiness
  • Determining boiler efficiency
  • Measurement of start-up pressure vibrations
  • Storage trials
  • Usable storage capacity
  • CE symbol
  • Combustion trials in wood-burning ovens
  • Field trial systems


ProfiSignal for Analysis & Automation:

Delphin devices are supplied with the powerful ProfiSignal Go software, ideal for data acquisition, test automation and process data acquisition applications. ProfiSignal Go is professional PC software for the online and offline monitoring and analysis of measurement data.

ProfiSignal enables visualization with trends and diagrams and operation from any PC workstation as well as PC-controlled process automation and database communications via ODBC/SQL. The intuitive Windows Explorer style interface represents channels clearly, and all measured values can be transferred to online storage and will work on PCs or servers.

The full service package also includes LabVIEW™ and DASYLab™ drivers, Modbus TCP and OPC Server.

The ProfiSignal Klicks version enables users to generate testing, processing and trial procedures by providing a universal and complete tool for solutions which until now have required more than one software package, e.g. SCADA + PLC. With Klicks, users can generate complete test applications using just one programming package. Interface problems are a thing of the past as are the high cost and time requirements of running different software packages from different suppliers.