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Food Manufacturer Saves Time with Automatic Data Retrieval

Multi-Value Temperature Recorder Transmits Data via Modbus

Earlier this year CAS DataLoggers provided the data capture solution for an industrial plant manufacturing frozen food products. Operators needed to collect real-time data on temperature, current, and the distance traveled by moving carts.

The plant needed a data logger with several input channels to record both analog and digital signals. Since personnel don’t have time to retrieve data manually, they wanted a device that could transmit the data via Modbus.

Multi-value Data Recorder:

CAS DataLoggers provided the plant with a Novus FieldLogger for flexible collection of analog and digital data. The FieldLogger’s 8 universal channels can connect to every required sensor type in this application, including thermocouples, current sensors, and a string pot used to measure distance. The logger supports several types of thermocouples as well as Pt100, mA, mV and higher voltages. Operators can configure each channel individually either as an input or output.

The compact FieldLogger has been installed on a DIN rail using the included 35mm rail mount within an ABS enclosure. While operating in standalone mode (recording data independently of a PC), the FieldLogger automatically takes a reading from each connected sensor according to the user’s preset sampling rate.

For alarm notification, the FieldLogger has 2 alarm relay channels which can be activated when any channel enters a programmed alarm condition. These relays can also be used as digital outputs for connection to alarm sirens, etc.


The FieldLogger also gives plant personnel the choice of retrieving data using several different communication methods. Choosing Modbus now allows them to transmit data over the plant’s SCADA system by using the FieldLogger as a Modbus RTU input device. The device acts as a Modbus master, able to read up to 64 registers from Modbus slaves (remote channels).

In addition to Modbus, the Novus FieldLogger also has an Ethernet interface and an RS485 serial interface allowing for communication up to 1.6 miles (1 Km). For online storage, the FieldLogger can also connect to a cloud server, giving users access to its data from remote locations whenever they want.

Graphing the Data:

FieldChart, the FieldLogger’s free downloadable software, handles configuration, setup and data retrieval from a PC. Configuration is stored in the logger’s non-volatile memory. The data logger can also perform mathematical operations in the input channels.

FieldChart collects data for the PC, displays data in real time, and provides trend and historical views. Users can zoom in and out, print graphs, and export to spreadsheets like Excel™.

Business Benefits:

Using the Novus FieldLogger, the plant’s engineer now has real-time access to multiple measurement values whenever needed. The plant saves time by relying on Modbus for data transmission rather than having workers travel back and forth from the datalogger to get the data. Just as easily, the engineer can create graphs of his measurements for analysis or presentation.

The Data Logger Experts:

For more info on the Novus FieldLogger, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.