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FSMA Applies to Pet Food Manufacturers

T&D Temperature Data Loggers for Proof of Best Practices

As of earlier this year, FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act)—has already begun to be enforced for large pet food manufacturers. As part of the FDA’s food safety mandate, FSMA requires that animal food processors produce electronic temperature documentation at every link of the cold chain.

With this in mind, businesses are turning to a cost-effective way to ensure supply chain traceability. T&D temperature data loggers can help you to prove best practices in accordance with your written preventive controls plan, and also to avoid recalls! These simple compliance solutions are easy to use, log temperature automatically, and are designed to operate in any industrial environment.

What Do You Need to Know About FSMA?

FSMA (signed into law in 2011) mandates that animal/pet food manufacturers prove and document the temperature of their perishable products. Regulators require complete electronic temperature documentation at every link in the supply chain. If you pack or store high-risk foods, FSMA calls for you to provide extra documentation of your perishable product.

More importantly, FSMA also allows the FDA to issue a mandatory recall of food products if necessary. This means that pet food manufacturers are now responsible for documenting product temperature, and also for setting an alarm system to notify personnel of temperature excursions. This includes timestamps for the data which show how long that the product was in storage or transit.

At CAS DataLoggers, many of our Food & Beverage customers use T&D temperature data loggers to monitor their supply chains, for example in a storage room or on a truck en route to vendors. In this way, T&D functions as an automatic temperature documentation system for regulatory compliance.

Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

It’s easy to download recorded temperature data from the T&D RTR-501 Wireless Temperature Data Logger (aka Remote Unit) via wireless communication with a Base Unit. The wireless communication range between a Remote Unit and a Base Unit is about 500 ft. (150 meters). By registering an RTR-500 as a Repeater, it can be used to expand the wireless communication range.

Standalone WiFi Models Available

Wireless systems with remote monitoring capability allow you to get immediate temperature alarms anytime, anywhere. The TR-71wf WiFi Temperature Data Logger is a two-channel model with an external thermistor sensor, an LCD, and a measuring range of -40° to 230°F (-40° to 110°C). By using T&D’s WebStorage Service, users can access stored data from their mobile devices anytime from the cloud!

Integrated Wireless LAN communication lets you use your mobile device for logger setup and downloading your data—no cables needed! TR-71wf data loggers also support USB Communication with a PC. The loggers operate in standalone mode on battery power using a pair of AA Alkaline Batteries. For extended recording, each TR-71wf has a logging capacity of 8,000 Data Sets.

Wired LAN Version

The TR-71nw Wired LAN Temperature Data Logger is a two-channel, LAN-wired model with an external thermistor sensor and a measuring range of -40° to 230°F (-40° to 110°C). In addition to the standard features such as battery operation and USB communication (through optional cable, sold separately), the TR-71nw supports communication with mobile devices. By using T&D’s WebStorage Service, users can access stored data anytime from the cloud.

Store Data Online at No Cost

Now you can view data and receive alarms no matter where you are from your mobile device or a PC! T&D’s free WebStorage Service is perfect for processing and managing data recorded in remote places or for allowing several people to view the same recorded data.

Users can check the current conditions of data loggers such as battery level and radio signal strength between the Base Unit and Remote Unit. Recorded data can be transmitted to the WebStorage Service from any compatible T&D product. Data storage capacity is 20MB.

Additionally, the data transmitted to T&D WebStorage Service can be accessed via your browser from anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection is available. Mobile device apps are also available for devices running iOS and Android.

For more information on T&D Temperature Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437.