Gas Monitoring and Recording in a Chemical Plant

dataTaker-Based Gas Detection Equipment

gas monitoringCAS DataLoggers provided a unique gas monitoring and temperature monitoring solution for an international chemical company, where health and safety was an important consideration. Harmful gas detection was placed high on the list of priorities: hydrochloric acid gas was produced when a standard chemical made by the company leaked to the atmosphere as fumes, while chlorine was used as a raw material at the plant. Therefore, it was necessary to monitor and record both hydrochloric acid gas levels (HCL) and chlorine (CH2) levels.

Comprehensive temperature monitoring was also needed to protect workers from heat fatigue or worse. To effectively accomplish this, the plant needed to monitor and record temperature levels at 20 different locations. Plant engineers stressed the importance of recording this information to compare safety levels before and after this project, so the ability to present accurate data was essential. Management began searching for a versatile gas monitoring solution to measure all these conditions via a wide range of sensors and which offered both many inputs and a large data storage capacity.


The plant installed a dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Data Logger in an industrial enclosure placed near the points under monitoring over several logging periods. One of the reasons for choosing the dataTaker DT85 was for its 16-48 analog input channels. A dataTaker CEM20 Channel Expansion Module was then connected to the data logger to add 20 more universal channels, enough to accommodate the project’s analog input needs. Incorporating the same dual isolation technology as the DT85, each channel of the CEM20 could be used for 2 isolated inputs or 3 common reference inputs, providing a cost-effective solution. The datalogger was then connected to a multitude of CH2, HCL, and thermocouple sensors. During stand-alone operation, the dataTaker’s rugged design and construction provided reliable operation even in the plant’s extreme conditions.


gas monitoringThe dataTaker system continually recorded the levels of hydrochloric acid gas present as fumes and captured information on the CH2 levels. Additionally, since the plant required a large sample size, the temperature changes in each location were automatically recorded by the data logger once every minute, taken at 20 different points to give an accurate picture of the plant’s temperature over a period of time. The datalogger’s internal memory capacity could store up to 10 million data points in user-defined memory. To organize all the data for analysis, information from the DT85 was downloaded to an office PC where it was then processed through Excel spreadsheets and displayed in graph form.

Additionally, dataTaker’s dEX graphical interface was included free with the datalogger using a pre-installed browser-style interface enabling quick setup and configuration. The user-friendly software was configured and ran directly from a web browser, accessible either locally or remotely over the Internet. Users could access logged data and view measurements on a dashboard or in list form using a web browser.


The chemical plant’s monitoring project was completed on schedule using the dataTaker solution. The DT85 data logger was chosen due to its large number of analog inputs for gas and temperature sensors, increased using the CEM20 expansion module, and connected to the various sensors to accurately monitor all the threats to worker safety. The data logger’s large data storage capacity was especially useful for recording in the widespread locations of the project. Data accessibility was simplified through download to PC and easily organized using Excel. As a result of analyzing all the gas and temperature data, the company’s gas detection system was ultimately connected to a scrubber designed for the effective removal of these contaminants.

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