Wireless Data Loggers Used As Ghost Hunting Equipment

Temperature Monitoring Supplements Paranormal Investigation

ghost hunting equipment CAS DataLoggers had a unique customer—a group of paranormal investigators going ghost hunting! The organization planned to use ghost hunting equipment with extensive temperature monitoring to pinpoint the sudden chills which guests reported in certain rooms on their list of possibly haunted sites, including historically significant areas such as bedrooms, basements, and attics.

Keeping their modest budget in mind, the team began searching for a wireless temperature monitoring solution that would allow personnel to view readings in real-time to respond whenever the temperature suddenly dropped in certain regions. Team members also wanted a convenient means of gathering all the data without having to walk every inch of these multi-story locations.


The paranormal investigators installed a T&D RTR-500 Wireless Data Logger Base Station and 5 RTR-501 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers throughout their first house under monitoring and also used a T&D RTR-500DC Wireless Data Logger Handheld Data Collector to check the remote units’ real-time readings. Each of the wireless data loggers measured and recorded temperature using an internal temperature sensor reading from -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C) at an average accuracy of ± 0.5°C. Featuring an LCD display and a water-resistant case to protect against leaky roofs and basements, each data logger measured the surrounding temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit onto a large 16,000 point memory.

The organization chose the optional wall mounts which let them place the units anywhere to identify possible temperature causes such as pipes, cracks, etc. Utilizing a low-energy consumption design, each data logger operated on a lithium battery with a life of about 10 months and which could be upgraded to last about 4 years of operation.


The team registered the RTR-500 as a base unit and began downloading temperature data and current readings from the remote units stationed around the house. Whenever their preset upper or lower limits were exceeded, a warning report email was immediately sent out to all four of the members’ email addresses. Frequent temperature drops were soon associated with certain areas, which were recorded and stored for future investigation. Free software was also included with the base stations for automated download and real-time monitoring as well as email alarm management.

Using the handheld data collector, the team viewed all the remote units’ real-time data from 500 ft. away unobstructed–this ability to react instantly to a sudden temperature drop or sighting was crucial to the project. The collector monitored and graphed all of the house’s temperature data without the need for a computer. In this way, the team wirelessly gathered the data at set intervals to monitor current readings and status from each of the remote units without anyone having to get up and walk around the house. The data collector also eliminated the need for any lengthy setup time such as having to create a network environment or install any wiring. Additionally, the collector’s LCD backlit display allowed users to read the data even in the dark, which was especially useful during all-night stakeouts.


The team’s ghost hunting project gained an effective ghost hunting equipment solution by installing the T&D wireless temperature monitoring system. Using the handheld data collector, the team was able to instantly check the temperatures anywhere in the house instead of having to walk upstairs every time a reading changed. Together these wireless devices formed a wide-ranging and cost-effective solution for this unique temperature monitoring job, and the dataloggers’ compact and lightweight design meant they could be placed just about anywhere to zero in on the many strange readings encountered.

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