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Grant SQ2040 Series of Data Loggers

The Grant SQ2040 series of universal input data loggers combine high performance, powerful features  and universal inputs in a compact and easy to use instrument.

The SQ2040 loggers are suitable for use in benchtop, laboratory and manufacturing environments, and the rugged ABS plastic case can also be used in mobile and more physically demanding applications.

The SQ2040 is available in a two A/D and four A/D  version where higher sampling rates are desired.  Both models have wired Ethernet communications standard and an internal  WiFi option is also available.

The two A/D version has an aggregate sampling bandwidth of 20 HZ spread across two banks of 8 analog inputs.  The 4 A/D version has an aggregate sampling bandwidth of 20 Hz spread across 4 banks of 4 analog input channels.  In addition, each A/Ds can be configured to log a single channel at 100 Hz.  With multiple A/Ds true concurrent logging is possible.   The analog inputs can be configured as 16 differential or up to 32 single ended.  Data is logged to an internal SD card with up to 2 million stored samples.  Data can be unloaded via the Ethernet or WiFi connection to a PC or unloaded to an externally accessible SD card for data portability.  Battery operated using 6 AA cells or powered from an available AC adapter, the SQ2040 is designed to go where you need the data recorded.  With universal inputs, you can configure the analog inputs for any sensor.  Digital inputs for pulses or states as well as two voltage only 60 VDC channels increase the usefulness of the instrument.

For simple logging applications, the logger can be configured using the front panel LCD display.  The included SquirrelView PC software is used for more complex applications, real time visualization and for exporting the logged data to CSV.

Contact us at CAS DataLoggers to discuss the full specification of the Grant SQ2020 data loggers.  Our experienced application engineers are ready to advise you on the best solution for your specific data logging needs.