Greenhouse Monitoring System Uses Wireless Temperature Loggers

Cost-Effective, Durable Data Collection

CAS DataLoggers supplied the temperature monitoring solution for a customer with a large hoop greenhouse sheltering strawberries and raspberries over the cold autumn. This structure was fashioned from polyethylene and had an elongated shape that made it difficult to heat evenly, resulting in yield shortcomings in previous seasons. The berry crop was extremely temperature-sensitive, so the open strawberry flower microclimate had to be carefully maintained at a minimum of 30ºF for quality. The greenhouse climate control system controlled for temperature, humidity, and ventilation, but patchy results in the crop had proven that the climate was uneven throughout the interior. To maintain the proper temperature, the owner contacted CAS DataLoggers to provide a greenhouse monitoring system that could collect the temperature data and pinpoint the uneven coverage, so an ideal setup could remedy the problem.


The owner installed a Wireless Temperature Data Logger inside the hoop house along with a Wireless Base Station to collect and send the logger readings. The datalogger used an external temperature sensor to measure from -60°C to 155°C (-76°F to 311°F) and could record in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

For extended operation, the logger’s battery life was upgraded to last about 4 years, useful since it was isolated from any power source. The data logger was also designed with a water-resistant case ensuring its continued operation in a humid environment making it a perfect greenhouse monitoring system. The logger had a 16,000-point memory for detailed data collection, with current readings clearly visible on its LCD display. A key advantage of using wireless temperature loggers in this application was the ability to freely move the loggers throughout the greenhouse space so that a full mapping of the interior environment was captured.


greenhouse monitoring system data loggerThe logger communicated wirelessly with the base station out to 500 ft, which collected the remote unit’s readings. All the data was viewable via a web browser at any time using the online WebStorage service provided by the manufacturer. Settings and changes could be made any time remotely over the network without the need to enter the greenhouse to configure the temperature monitor. Beyond just collecting the logger’s recordings, the wireless base station periodically sent the data over the network every few hours via email. In addition, temperature thresholds were set so that in the event of a failure of the climate control system, the owner was immediately notified by an email warning so that they could take immediate action to stabilize the temperature.


The wireless data logger let the owner monitor the hoop greenhouse ambient temperature at high accuracy, helping to spot the interior’s colder zones which made for improved yields in the off-season. The remote unit and base station were cost-effective, durable, and easy to use. CAS DataLoggers also offered the customer a variety of exclusive optional sensors including ones with stainless protection for rugged protection from the elements. The owner commented, “The alarm feature keeps me from having to worry at night and go out there—I don’t have to listen to my gut telling me to check on it.”

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