The Importance of Cold Chain Monitoring for a Beverage Supplier

Low-Cost Regulatory Solutions for Refrigerated Shipmentscold chain monitoring of beverage shipments

CAS DataLoggers provided the cold chain validation solution for a large-scale beverage supplier. This producer sells drinks that contain small amounts of milk, so this product has to be shipped to vendors in refrigerated truck compartments. In light of increasing Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) enforcement, the shipper needs to electronically document their product’s entire temperature history during transit to give to vendors. This includes data proving that it stayed within temperature specification (35°-38°F) for the entire shipment duration. In this apps note, CAS proves the importance of cold chain monitoring.

Searching for an affordable solution, the manufacturer contacted several solutions providers requesting a battery-powered device that could record for the whole shipment duration and could produce electronic proof of PQ.

PDF Loggers Designed for Transit Applications

For a reliable cold chain validation solution, CAS DataLoggers provided the supplier with SwiTrace I-Plug IPST8 Temperature Data Loggers. Ideal for use in shipping applications, these single-use solutions provide vendors with a complete electronic temperature history of Food & Beverage products. Their built-in USB
interfaces make it easy to connect to a PC and download the data.

When ready to ship, the driver places an I-Plug data logger in the back of each truck with the products, among the crates and palettes. Placed one to a truck, the SwiTrace I-Plugs each measure temperature using their meter-long external sensor.

Over the duration of each trip, the loggers continually monitor the product’s temperature, here configured by users to take an automatic reading once every fifteen minutes. Readings are saved to its large 8,000-point encrypted memory. Operating on its 1-year lithium battery, the data logger is ideal for extended trips to vendors.

Meanwhile, the I-Plug’s High and Low Alarm LEDs show if there has been a temperature excursion at any point in the trip.

Electronic Report Proves Best Practices

When connected to a PC at the end of the haul, each SwiTrace Temperature Data Logger self-generates a full PDF Temperature Report to give to receivers. With this electronic report, it’s simple to show vendors and inspectors proof of best practices and product quality.

Auto-pdf file generation means it’s easy for drivers to learn and follow this process. After the driver or vendor connects the I-Plug to a PC via USB, the vendor will then get proof of the shipper’s best practices in minutes. There’s no need to buy proprietary readers or software. No recalibration, servicing or battery replacements necessary.

Online Track & Trace Portal Gives Confirmation

Using SwiTrace’s free online Track & Trace portal, management can send and store data online with just a mouse-click. This service also offers a traceable Accuracy Certificate for full PQ documentation.

Using the Web Portal, it’s easy for users to enter the I-Plug’s Serial # and verify if it has been downloaded by the vendor. If the receiver has already selected the ‘Send to the Web’ feature while reading the I-Plug, the user will get instant access to the temperature report.


The supplier now has electronic proof of PQ since installing the SwiTrace I-Plug temperature data logger in each truck outbound to the market. Not only does the vendor get proof of best practices, but the supplier can also check online at any time to make sure it’s been received. The PDF temperature loggers have been a solid yet inexpensive solution for their perishable product and demonstrating the importance of cold chain monitoring.

CAS Dataloggers has many solutions for all types of cold chain monitoring applications. Everything from USB connected devices to Cellular position and temperature tracking to RFID temperature solutions, we have the devices to help you comply with the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

For more information on the I-Plug IPST8 Temperature Data Logger, the importance of cold chain monitoring or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLogger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.