How to Install the Expert Key USB Driver on Windows 8.1 and 10

For Delphin Expert Key Data Acquisition Systems

With Windows 10, Microsoft now enforces driver signing. As a consequence, Windows 10 won’t load the drivers of many data logger products. This Tech Article from Delphin and US distributor CAS DataLoggers shows you how to install the USB driver for the Expert Key model logger by changing the setup in Win10 to allow an unsigned driver.


Pre-Installation Disabling of Driver Enforcement:

You have to install the driver while the driver signature enforcement is off. The best way is to first disable the driver enforcement before you start the installation of the Delphin ProfiSignal software.

On Windows 8.1 and 10, there’s a convenient way to disable signature enforcement temporarily by holding the Shift key while pressing Reload in the Windows start menu. You can find more information about this here.

However, if you have already installed ProfiSignal (and the USB driver) but with signature enforcement enabled, the process will be a little more complicated:


Post-Installation Disabling of Driver Enforcement:

Part 1. Removing the driver

Run the setup again and choose Modify, then choose Next.


Now remove the checked sign at Expert Key Series USB driver and press Next.


Press Finish.


Part 2. Disable the driver enforcement
Restart the PC with pressed Shift key to disable the signature enforcement as explained in the link above.


Part 3. Install the driver (first unplug the Expert Key from your PC)

Now run the setup again and choose Modify.


Check Expert Key Series USB driver and press Next.


At the first Windows Security message, press Install


…and in the next screen Install driver software anyway.


After setup has finished, the Expert Key will be available.

For more information on Delphin Data Loggers, or for further help with this process, contact a CAS Data Logger Specialist at (800) 956-4437.