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Introduction to the Brainchild Family of Paperless Chart Recorders

If you need to monitor a process for temperature or another value, Brainchild Paperless Chart Recorders are an ideal alternative to older paper chart recorders. The compact Brainchild PR Family is a reliable, low-cost and easy to use solution to simultaneously monitor several measurement values.

With Brainchild you can view real-time data either locally onscreen or remotely over standard Ethernet networking or optional RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 serial interfaces. You can store historical data on a remote host PC for data evaluation and printout, on Flash ROM, or on a Compact Flash Card.

Brainchild’s built-in high-res display allows you to quickly review your measured data in real time using flexible screen configuration and multiple display formats. Soft buttons allow you to scroll back in time and review historical trends. No more hunting for hard copy records – a removable Flash memory card stores the measured data electronically for archiving or transfer to a computer.

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