Introduction to the T&D TR-7 Series Dataloggers

T&D’s TR-7 Series data loggers can be divided into two groups, the network loggers and the USB and infra-Red loggers.

The Network connected loggers are designed around T&D ‘s no cost, cloud hosting service. It consists of 4 different data loggers with either a wired LAN or WiFi Ethernet connection. The TR-71 has two thermistor inputs for temperature, the TR-72 has a combination temperature and relative humidity sensor, the TR-72H has a combination High precision temperature and humidity sensor. The new TR-75 has two thermocouple inputs.

Each data logger features a configurable recording interval from 1per second to every hour, will upload automatically to the no cost cloud service and has both an upper and lower alarm limit for each measurement. With a local LCD display and memory space for 8,000 readings per parameter, the loggers provide an economical solution for temperature monitoring applications. Smartphone and tablet apps are also available for direct communication with the WiFi devices.