Machine Vibration Monitoring Analyzes Equipment for Condition and Fault Diagnosis

Single System Performs Condition and Vibration Monitoring

machine vibration monitoringAcross many industries, high-level vibrations in machinery and test stand applications occur unintentionally, resulting in erratic operation and potential damage. Engineers and technicians can detect these signals using a machine vibration monitoring system. Within a single device, different types of vibration sensors undergo unfiltered processing within frequency spectra ranging from 0 to 50,000 Hz. Excitation frequencies can then be determined to enable process optimization, effective condition monitoring, and fault diagnosis.

Expert Vibro devices are capable of continuously acquiring and monitoring the levels of damaging frequencies and can operate fully independently of a PC due to their integrated internal data loggers. Data visualization takes place using Delphin ProfiSignal software which gives users the ability to portray data in cascade, FFT, orbit or trend diagrams.

Vibration Monitoring Features

  • Connectivity for any type of vibration sensor (mV, mA, IEPE)
  • Process and vibration measurement occur within a single device
  • FFT analysis within the device itself along with frequency-band analysis
  • Monitoring of vibration levels and an intelligent data logger is within the device
  • Visualization and analysis using time signal, trend, FFT cascade, and orbit diagrams

Real-World Example: Vibration Monitoring of Turbines

machine vibration monitoringTo avoid expensive machine damage and to analyze the causes of shutdowns, a large manufacturer installed Expert Vibro vibration monitoring systems on several of its gas turbines. Vibrations are all acquired locally at the turbines, recorded, and automatically transmitted to headquarters via the internet. This is all performed with a single system. Continuous evaluation is carried out there by technicians. In the event of a malfunction, operators are automatically informed via email. The recorded characteristic values and FFT analyses are regularly transmitted over the internet in an encrypted form.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Vibration measurement in plants and machinery
  • Monitoring of turbines and generators
  • Diagnoses of vibration causes
  • Vibration measurements on gas and hydro turbines
  • Vibration measurement and test stands
  • Acceleration measurement and FFT analyses
  • Validating the effectiveness of vibration-reduction measures
  • Measurement of mechanical vibrations

Expert Vibro Functionality

To capture the necessary data for these applications, the Expert Vibro acquires transient signals and vibrations at high speed, enabling 16 synchronous channels to be processed at fast sampling rates. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision. Users can flexibly switch between voltage measurement, IEPE or shaft vibration sensors. Digital outputs can be switched within mSecs in the event of limit value violations, such as high temperatures that could damage a turbine.

Vibration measurement is made much easier when technicians only need to work with one device. The Expert Vibro provides users with analysis and monitoring functions, intelligent signal processing, an independent data storage capability, and versatile Fieldbus connections. The touch display shows users important configuration and measurement data onsite.

While creating a pre-processing sequence, users can select data filters such as high, low, or bandpass with rectifiers, integrators, differentiators or decimators. Multiple pre-processing sequences are able to run in parallel in order to evaluate an input signal for maximum versatility.

Non-periodic signals such as fault diagnostics can be precisely analyzed, even the smallest of anomalies. The Expert Vibro system is equipped with its own internal data storage capability (32 GB data logger memory), making it especially reliable and secure. The system also performs fast limit value monitoring of time signals.

Visualization Software

ProfiSignal is Delphin’s complete software system for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. The software is very user-friendly and combines professional functionality with easy operation.

ProfiSignal provides a clear and logical overview of all measurement systems, no matter the channel count. ProfiSignal is modular, scalable and available in three versions with backward compatibility for operability, data files, and application projects.

For more information on the Delphin Vibration Monitoring Systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.