Managing Remote Water Pumps Using a Modem Data Logger

Intelligent dataTaker Solution Records Critical Machine Parameters


14_modem_logger_pumping_stationAn automatic water pumping station contacted CAS Data Loggers requiring an environmental monitoring device for its remotely-located automatic pumps. Previously the station had used paper chart recorders to log various properties such as flow and pressure, but this required too much manual effort to maintain. In the event of operational failure, the station also wanted to send warnings to maintenance personnel via mobile phones so that pump failures or sensor malfunctions can be addressed as soon as possible. Workers had been relying on hard copy feeds from their chart recorders but it was getting harder to find replacement parts and service, necessitating a new solution.

The station manager installed a dataTaker DT-80M Universal Intelligent Data Logger from CAS Data Loggers, complete with integrated GSM Cellular Modem. The logger’s universal inputs allowed connection with several different types of sensors including those for water level, flow rate, current and pressure. With the dataTaker Series 3 modem data logger, the station did not have to separately purchase a modem. Users can remotely access all logged data, configuration and diagnostics while USB memory stick support enables convenient local data and program transfer.

The DT-80M is a universal data logger with flexible connection and communication features and a built-in cellular modem ideal for remote monitoring applications. With its 5 to 15 universal analog sensor channels, the dataTaker DT-80M reads all these multiple types of sensor outputs and directly scales them to usable engineering units. The dataTaker DT-80M provides precision real-time recording, taking measurements at 18-bit resolution, with a rugged design and construction providing reliable operation under even extreme conditions.

The built-in 3G cellular modem’s automatic data transmission sends the data to designated email addresses so it’s available to employees no matter where they whenever they need it. The manager has entered his operational limits into the dataTaker so that whenever these levels are exceeded, the data logger automatically generates an alarm. For example, the dataTaker’s alarms report when tank levels are too low, problems in the chlorine rooms, pump operation has ceased, etc.  These alarm emails can also be translated into SMS Text messages as well.

Further cutting down on the manual effort required for system maintenance, the dataTaker DT-80M also collects and stores data to its large internal memory instead of paper as the old chart recorder used to do. This results in less waste and longer recording periods.  The dataTaker data loggers have embedded dEX software for easy configuration and data visualization via a web browser. The logger’s built-in web and FTP server gives the station remote access to all logged data, reconfiguration and diagnostics with a direct USB connection or via a network.

Our dataTaker DT-80M data logger has replaced the automatic pumping station’s paperless chart recorders to monitor its pump operation and performance. A cost effective data logger designed for remote applications, the DT-80M handles the facility’s automatic data transfer, saving workers the need to travel out to collect the data or receive alarms. Additionally, the dataTaker’s low power operation enables extended logging sessions.

If the station wants to capture additional environmental data, the DT-80M can be used with other sensor types (whether analog or digital) to log temperature, humidity, tipping bucket rain gauges, anemometers, wind vanes etc. This way the dataTaker can act as a remote weather station which can automatically record and communicate back to the station via the modem’s internal web and FTP server. All these values are recorded in real time and can be stored and downloaded whenever needed.