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Materials Testing Applications: Monitoring Temperature

Automated Monitoring and Alarming Systems

At CAS DataLoggers we frequently supply data logging systems for customers needing a solution for product verification and safety/reliability testing. The summer season is an ideal time for many outdoor test applications: for example, roofing materials can simply be left out in the heat to see how they perform in the most punishing conditions. Heat penetration is an important value showing how products or packaging materials behave under various temperature levels. It’s also vital to log and analyze all defects/failures the products experience during processing or packaging under these stressful conditions. As dataTaker’s master distributor for North America, CAS DataLoggers offers the new Series 3 dataTaker Intelligent Data Loggers for materials testing applications, a few of which are detailed here:

Construction Materials Testing:

Whether users are testing siding, shingles, or other construction materials, heat penetration is often used as a quality indicator, derived from temperature measurements and subsequent data curve analysis. Naturally, the temperature readings are affected by the accuracy and precision of the data logger being used. With this in mind, our dataTaker Series 3 upgrades include improved cold junction compensation using a high-precision RTD sensor accurate to 0.1%, allowing up to 5x more accurate thermocouple measurements than Series 2 loggers. For extended testing runs, our dataTaker models can each store up to 10 million data points in user-defined memory, featuring independent control of schedules to log only as long as needed.

Given the demands of these outdoor applications, every dataTaker logger is built to last even in the face of harsh environments. The stand-alone data loggers feature a built-in display and are renowned for their robust construction–one of our dataTakers was even installed inside a metal box in the middle of the Mojave Desert (that was our workhorse, the DT80).

Research and Development/Laboratory Testing:

Materials testing applications are also common in R&D and laboratory environments, involving process and product materials testing for failure analysis, product verification and more. Typical materials under test include plastics and polymers, food packaging and cans, composites and metals, etc. Here again, heat penetration is a significant value to log along with temperature, for example when materials are alternately heated and then cooled. Featuring a built-in web server and extensive communications capabilities including Ethernet, USB, Serial and cellular models, Series 3 dataTakers offer facilities several connection choices and data transfer options.

Our dataTaker data loggers also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities allowing them to take measurements and perform actions on their own, freeing up users for more important tasks. For example they can archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer data over FTP if needed, providing data directly to a remote office over the Internet or mobile phone network.

DT80 Model:

dt80_intelligent_universal_input_data_loggerThe dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Data Logger is a smart system designed for flexibility, accuracy and reliability, delivering a wide variety of data logging features combined with high-precision measurements. 5 to 15 universal analog and 12 digital channels, 4 high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels all allow DT80 data loggers to connect to most sensors and data measurement sources.

Designed for a wide variety of applications and focusing on versatility across many different measurement types, the Series 3 DT80’s communications suite makes it an ideal solution for real-time data acquisition and remote monitoring needs.

DT85 Model:

The dataTaker DT85 Intelligent Data Logger has all the functionality of the DT80 and is designed with size in mind, featuring 16 to 48 universal analog sensor channels and 12 digital channels, 4 high-speed counter inputs, phase encoder inputs, and programmable serial sensor channels. This high channel count makes it able to connect to a large number of inputs simultaneously for more demanding data logging projects such as when monitoring several products at once.

Built-in Software:

Additionally, free user-friendly dEX software is included with all of our Series 3 dataTakers, featuring an intuitive graphical interface that allows quick configuration of the data logger. The software also displays real-time sensor measurements, calculations and diagnostic information in an easy-to-use Windows Explorer style interface. Users can view this data in mimics, trend charts, or tables, and retrieve historical data for analysis. Additionally, dEX can be accessed either locally or remotely anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available including worldwide over the Internet.

Adding Channels:

Increasing the channel capacity of the dataTaker DT8x range is simplified by adding a Channel Expansion Module (CEM20). These compact modules are a cost-effective way to turn one analog channel on the logger into 20 universal channels. This effectively expands the total channel capacity of the DT80 to 320 analog inputs and the DT85 to 960 inputs for more demanding applications. Incorporating the same dual isolation technology as the DT8x range of data loggers, each channel of the CEM20 can be used for two isolated inputs or three common reference inputs so the maximum inputs increases further.

For easy setup and connection, the CEM20 is powered directly from the dataTaker’s 12V input. Analog output connections of the CEM20 connect to an analog channel of the data logger.


Given their many capabilities, dataTaker data loggers form the complete standalone solution for many different materials testing applications. The system’s universal inputs give users flexible sensor connection, while alarming and control functionality enable quick failure detections and responses. Since users have their choice of sending data via serial, FTP or Internet, these data loggers are ready to be rolled out into construction, industrial and laboratory projects. Take advantage of the incredible reliability and functionality of our dataTakers!