Measuring Depth Using a dataTaker Data Logger and a Druck Depth Level Sensor

In this Tech Article from CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker, we describe the process of connecting the Druck PTX 1830 depth/level sensor to a dataTaker DT8x series data logger. This sensor outputs a 4-20mA signal and will be powered by the dataTaker’s switchable 12V regulated voltage output.


  1. Equipment required:
  • dataTaker DT8x data logger
  • Druck PTX 1830 depth sensor
  • Wire
  1. Connecting the sensor:

Connect the wires from the sensor to the datalogger as follows:

  • Red Wire–12V terminal
  • Blue Wire—Channel 1 # terminal
  • Connect a wire between DGND and EXT# terminals


  1. Taking Measurements:

Basic Measurement

The basic measurement outputs a scaled output. Using the built-in dataTaker dEX software, the code is as simple as this:


S1=0,10″m”     ‘scale a 4-20mA reading to a 0-10m value

1SSPWR=1                   ‘turn on the 12V output

1#L(“depth~m”,S1) ‘sample, scale and log depth


Full Program

The full dataTaker dEX program samples the sensor once per hour and stores it to the datalogger internal memory.



‘Sample program Level sensor PTX 1830 (4-20mA)

‘Sampling period: 1 sample / hour


S1=0,10″m”     ‘set scale of 4-20mA sensor




‘ Schedule A

‘ – Logs to the internal memory (B:)

‘ – Logs up to 3MB of data records, overwrites when full

‘ – Runs every 1 hour



‘control power and sample from the sensor

1SSPWR(W)=1 1#L(“2-Minute Depth~m”,S1,MD5000,FF3) 1SSPWR(W)=0



DataTaker Series 3 Loggers:

The world-renowned dataTaker Series 3 Dataloggers can connect to nearly every sensor type, scaling and logging almost any physical value including Temperature, Voltage/Current, 4-20mA loops, Resistance, Strain gauges, Frequency, and more. They also provide a wide array of communications features including RS232 with modem support, USB, Ethernet, and USB memory stick ports.

DataTaker’s dEX software is preinstalled with all dataTaker dataloggers and has a Windows Explorer-style graphical interface allowing quick setup and configuration of the logger. This software is configured and run directly from a web browser enabling access either locally or remotely over the Internet. Operators can use any of the logger’s built-in communications ports to view dEX, including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.