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Medical Monitoring System Records Multiple Measurement Values

Accsense Monitoring For Cleanrooms, Surgeries & IncubatorsMedical Monitoring for Cleanrooms Surgeries Incubators

If you need comprehensive medical monitoring system for temperature or other values, consider Accsense Monitoring, popular for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and labs. An Accsense Online Monitoring system can continually monitor any healthcare environment from refrigerated medication storage, incubators, cleanroom differential pressure and patient care areas. These systems can record almost any physical parameter, and are also fully-compliant with the Joint Commission. That’s the Accsense advantage!

Keep Tabs on Multiple Measurement Values:

  • Temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Relative Humidity (RH%)
  • Pressure and Differential Pressure
  • Digital (logs when doors are opened/closed)
  • Liquid Levels
  • Oxygen Deficiency, and more

Accsense Online Monitoring Overview

For accurate environmental monitoring in hospitals and healthcare clinics, Accsense systems can record and scale 3rd-party sensors, built to industry standards, with outputs like 4-20mA, 0-5 or 0-10VDC, resistance and digital.

The Accsense Online Monitoring system consists of 2 popular options:

  • The A1 series is a wireless 2.4GHz system that uses a B1-06 Wireless Gateway for data collection from up to 16 data logger pods like the A1-13 Wireless 3-channel RTD temperature pod. Both the pods and gateway have a range of 250’ unobstructed or 90’ indoors (pods are able to act as repeaters if needed).
  • Another effective option is the A2-05 3-channel stand-alone temperature pod that has 2 RTD inputs and one type-T thermocouple input. The A2-05 connects directly to an Ethernet port or via Wi-Fi depending on the model chosen. For example, the B1-06 is connected to a hospital network via an Ethernet port to send all the data from the data logger pods and upload it to the Accsense cloud.

Accsense Medical Monitoring SystemIncubators

Accsense is also a cost-effective medical monitoring system for temperature monitoring one or more incubators, for example inside In Vitro fertilization clinics. Each incubator must be maintained at a certain temperature (for ex. 37°C /98.6°F), but will often experience temperature fluctuations from staff opening the doors. To address this, Accsense can log and alarm not only temperature but also each instance of door openings and closings.

Unlike a paper chart recorder, Accsense not only monitors humidity and CO2 tank levels but can also send out phone call alerts to a custom list of recipients giving you the opportunity to react to the anomaly.

Cleanrooms and Surgery Rooms

Many cleanrooms and sterile environments rely on continual monitoring of pressure as an early warning system for leak detection. This application uses Accsense
A1-01a Environmental Data Loggers connected to differential pressure sensors to record general environmental measurements within the cleanroom.

Each Accsense Wireless A1-01a data logger is equipped with external 4-20mA and 0-5V inputs as well as internal ambient temperature, humidity, ambient light and vibration sensors. The data logger also features 2 digital inputs and can operate on either battery or AC power.

Accsense data loggers mounted inside and outside can cover all required pressure monitoring points, helping to prevent microbes and other contaminants from entering the sterile barrier. Accsense can also monitor the room’s ambient temperature and humidity to avoid further microbial spread.

Additionally, Accsense will instantly notify staff whenever the differential pressure drops or when the temperature and humidity go outside preset limits. Meanwhile the pod will continue to log during power or internet outages while keeping all data secure on the Accsense servers.

Multi-Tiered Alarms

With an Accsense based hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring system, users set up alarm thresholds and receive alarms via email, synthesized voice phone call or SMS text to a sequential list of multiple recipients! IT personnel don’t have to install software on your PC because all settings are set from the web interface, allowing data retrieval from anywhere with a Web-enabled browser.

Accsense will even continue to log during Power or Internet outages, and the offsite server will generate a loss of communication alarm. This provides Accsense users with added peace of mind knowing that even if communications fail they will still be alerted.

Accsense: World-Class Medical Monitoring

The Accsense Online Monitoring System provides monitoring, alarming and data storage to help keep your organization compliant and to help prevent inventory loss. All your data is stored online where you can view it in real time, or download and print graphs from anywhere in the world with a web-enabled device.

Fully compliant with Joint Commission guidelines, Accsense Online Monitoring systems are the choice of many healthcare facilities including Stanford Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, among many others.

For more information on our Accsense Medical Monitoring Systems, other medical monitoring systems or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLogger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.