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How to Monitor Pump and Motor Run Time

Using the Bestselling dataTaker DT8X Series

Pump and motor run time are easily monitored using the popular dataTaker line of data loggers. Every product in the line except the DT82E environmental logger can monitor up to 8 motors or pumps using this method, while the DT82E can monitor 4 in this manner. The project requires a dataTaker datalogger in the flexible DT8X series as well as motor starters with auxiliary contacts or auxiliary relays that can be placed in parallel with the coil on the main motor relay.

For the initial setup, first connect the auxiliary contacts from each pump or motor to each of the digital inputs (1D-8D) and DGND terminals (DGND being a common ground). In the tab marked ‘logger settings,’ place the following text in F1_COMMAND: X and in F1_LABEL: CLEAR DATA. In the ‘On Logger Activation’ area, users need to set up 2 sets of CVs: 1-(number of pumps) and the same in the teens (i.e. 11-18 for 8 pumps). The 2 commands used for this will be 1..6CV=0 and 11..18CV=0.

Using the dEX software, create a schedule for each of the motors/pumps to be monitored. Set each schedule to run every 500ms. Each schedule will have a manual channel called PxInstant where (x) is the number of the pump. The statement for the manual channel will be xCV(W)=xCV+1. Again the ‘x’ is the number of the pump.

Now create a new schedule that triggers once an hour with calculation channels equal to the number of pumps or motors, and for each channel put xCV in the calculation text line. (x being the number of the pump or motor). Create another schedule that triggers once every 24 hours and will have calculation channels equal to the number of pumps or motors. These will be total runtime and will each have the statement 1xCV+xCV (x is still the number of the pump or motor in question). The final statement in this schedule will be a manual channel resetting the first set of CVs. 1..xCV=0. The final schedule will be set to be triggered manually, and will have 2 manual channels resetting CVs 1-x and 11-1x: 1..xCV=0, 11..1xCV=0. This is the schedule that gets activated by the F1_COMMAND that was set above.