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Monitoring and Controlling Pretreated Liquid Waste

Intelligent dataTaker System Handles All Data Collection

CAS DataLoggers has just provided an intelligent data logger for a manufacturer facing stringent environmental regulations requiring them to continuously monitor and manage their effluent disposal.  Before effluent is discharged from the facility, it had to be heavily treated in a pre-treatment pool. This particular manufacturer had an existing SCADA system which they wanted to integrate with a data logging solution. They needed a single solution to connect to all their different types of water quality sensors, perform real time calculations, and also to control the addition of chemicals to neutralise the pool effluent.

CAS DataLoggers provided a dataTaker DT80 Universal Input Data Logger which was installed into a waterproof enclosure adjacent to the wastewater treatment pool. Users then connected the data logger via side ports to several different types of sensors permanently installed in the pre-treatment plant measuring water pH, flow, and temperature. Once setup, the standalone DT80 began collecting all the data at user-defined intervals.

Users also programmed the DT80 to calculate (in real time) the exact quantity of caustic soda that needed to be added to neutralize the effluent’s acidity before discharge, and then control this addition via relays connected to the logger’s programmable digital outputs. Similarly, the DT80 raised alarms to alert engineers whenever effluent pH, temperature or volume exceeded license requirements.

All the real-time data was conveniently monitored via the plant’s SCADA system with a Modbus connection using RS485 or Ethernet, and was also useable with the dataTaker’s internal web interface.  Alternatively, historical data could be periodically downloaded over a network or via a USB memory stick to be reviewed on a PC located elsewhere at the effluent disposal plant. In this way, the dataTaker system allowed personnel to observe the change in water quality at any time from any place.

The DT80 data logger could be expanded up to 100 channels, featuring universal analog channels for connection to most sensor types. Users could view the data in mimics to get a clear dashboard-style readout and also store as many as 10 million data points in the logger’s user-defined memory.

The dataTaker DT80 also included free dEX software with an intuitive graphical interface enabling operators to configure the datalogger, generate trend charts and tables, and retrieve historical data for analysis. The built-in software ran directly from a web browser and could be accessed locally or remotely, including globally over the Internet.

The manufacturer’s wastewater pretreatment operation gained cost-effective flexibility and ease of use following installation of the dataTaker DT80 intelligent data logger, which gathered and stored readings from all the different types of water quality sensors. Monitoring, control and data transmission were all handled from the single system. The dataTaker’s SCADA interface enabled continual monitoring of all the data in real-time, while the included dEX software made configuration simple and was easy to learn and program.