Non-Encrypted SMTP Server For Use With dataTaker And Other Devices

Several of our data logger lines can send emails for both alarming and data transfer. Most of these devices require a non-encrypted SMTP server to send these emails. If your IT department has the relay server option enabled in Exchange, this is often the easiest method to use. Consult your IT department for the server information to use this feature of Exchange. Most of the time, however, this will not be an option. When it is not an option, there are workarounds. It is possible that you’ll need to get permission from your IT department in order to use such alternatives.

The easiest to use non-encrypted service that we at CAS Dataloggers have found is SMTP2GO. This site offers a free service that provides 1000 free emails a month. When signing up for this service, the website ( shows this as a trial, but there is no time limit to this trial, just a limit on the number of emails that can be sent.

All that is required for initial setup is an email and a password. See below for the screenshot:

non-encrypted SMTP server

Once you enter an email and a password, you will get an email with a link to click to verify the email. Once this is done, you’ll be able to log into the account and finish setup which will require you to either use the SMTP password provided or create a new one.

Here are the settings for the dataTaker (or other loggers) to use SMTP2GO:

  • SMTP Server:
  • Username: (Email address used to set up SMTP2GO account)
  • Password: (Your chosen password. Not the password that is used to log into SMTP2GO)
  • Port: 2525 (SMTP2GO offers several ports. 2525 seems to be the most reliable)

Configuration of a dataTaker DT8X Series Logger:

There are 2 pieces of software that can be used to access a dataTaker DT8X series logger. There is a version that runs under Adobe Air called dEX Desktop and one that does not require any Adobe runtimes called dEX 2.0. This setup guide will have screenshots for both software versions, but the basic setup remains the same.

To begin, we will show screenshots of the settings screens where the SMTP server information will be entered.

chocolate storage temperature


dEX Desktop

To access this screen, after connecting to the logger, click on “Configure the logger” and then click on the DT8X label at the top of the program column, which will take you to the settings window.

Click on the menu item “Ethernet Email.”

Enter the settings as detailed above in the appropriate text boxes.

Once these changes have been made, you will need to save the program to the logger by clicking on “File” and choosing “Save to Logger”

dEX 2.0

In dEX 2.0, once again, you will need to establish a connection with the dataTaker. Once the connection is established, you will need to click on the “Settings” icon, and then choose the “Communication” tab.

Under the “Communication” tab, select “Ethernet”


As stated above, enter the proper information into the “Email Settings” fields and click “Apply.” Once this is done, the settings have been made on the logger and you can then use email as either an alarm action or to send data.

For further information on using a Non-Encrypted SMTP Server with a dataTaker or other data logger device, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.