Non-SSL SMTP Servers for Use with dataTaker and Other Devices

Send Emails Through a dataTaker Data Logger

Send Emails Through a dataTaker data loggerMany standalone network devices that are able to e-mail, including data recorders and environmental monitors, cannot use SMTP servers that require SSL encryption. At CAS DataLoggers we’ve found a workaround for such problem and found other recording devices in the form of a free email service, and we’ll also show you how to setup the server to enable you to send emails through a dataTaker data logger.

Outgoing Email Server:

Until recently, at CAS DataLoggers we have recommended using an account at, which provided an open, non-encrypted SMTP server for its users.  Recently, GMX has been imposing limits on their system to cut down on spammers.

After some searching, we discovered the site This site has a free service (listed as a trial on the main page) that allows up to 1,000 emails a month through its service.


Setup of the service is easy–simply provide an e-mail and a password. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail to that account. No payment type is necessary for the free service. After you review the confirmation e-mail, you’ll be able to log in. The initial page is a dashboard that summarizes your traffic for the month and also provides you with the server settings. These settings are as follows:

  1. SMTP Server:
  2. Username:  (The email you used to set the account up)
  3. Password:  (Your chosen password, although this can be changed on the dashboard)
  4. Port:  2525 (This is different than the normal port 25, but it is still not encrypted). It is possible to simply use port 25 as well.

These straightforward steps will allow you to use most network-connected standalone devices such as dataloggers that act as an SMTP client to send e-mails to anyone.

Configuring the dataTaker:

By working with the built-in dataTaker dEX software, you can configure Series 3 dataTaker DT8x dataloggers to send data and alarms to designated email addresses when connected via Ethernet. This capability is also available in data loggers with a built-in cellular modem. Automated alarms are convenient for users who want to ensure that personnel quickly respond in the event of unsafe product temperatures or process parameters.

First you’ll configure the outgoing email server information, and afterward, you’ll configure the alarm or data unload with the email message recipient information.

  • To enter the settings, go to the logger configuration window and click on the Ethernet email item. In the From: section, enter the username and user email which you’d like the message to use as the sender information.
  • Then, enter the address of a valid SMTP email server along with a username and password for an existing valid account that will be used to connect to the email server.

For more information on how to send emails through a dataTaker or other data logging devices contact us here.