Monitor Your Process Automation System Without A PC

Industrial Process Monitoring Technology from Delphin

process automation systemEffective process monitoring is critical to avoiding downtime, ensuring product quality and maintaining production volume. If your environment requires process monitoring, we can provide you with the ideal process automation system. We’ll help you assess your needs and find the ideal data logger for your application.

Independent Process Monitoring

Industrial processes must function smoothly to maximize productivity and to minimize the causes of machine downtime. For continuous processes, downtimes often result in substantial extra costs. Effective process monitoring is essential to produce flawless products and to maintain the high standards of quality you need.

Delphin’s Message and Expert devices are popular across the world for use in process monitoring tasks. Their combination of analog and digital inputs and their capability to acquire process data via PROFIBUS, Modbus and OPC make them ideal for these applications. Delphin devices can directly record and report limit value violations without the need for PC support. Limit value violations can also be portrayed in an alarm list. The data is permanently and securely recorded to a Delphin ProfiSignal database as well as held in the device’s non-volatile memory.

Application features:

  • Independent acquisition and monitoring of an infinite number of channels
  • PROFIBUS, Modbus, and OPC UA interfaces
  • Alarm database with lists of alarms and events
  • Fault reporting via email, text messaging and digital outputs
  • DataService databases for continuous and/or batch recording

Practical example:

A manufacturer of piezo ceramics monitors its firing processes using Delphin Message devices and a ProfiSignal software application. Recording of the firing processes is triggered automatically for each oven and charge once temperatures exceed a limit value of 100°C (212°F). During each process, a three-part view is displayed showing the status for all ovens while also enabling immediate access to the detailed information of each individual oven. Users can also display an online trend for each firing process or simply view numeric data.

All data is archived to a server. Recording and monitoring stop as soon as temperatures drop below 90°C (194°F). Access to data on completed charges is available from any PC workstation.

Industrial applications:

  • Process monitoring and alarms for refineries
  • Process data acquisition in steelworks
  • Monitoring of cool storage and warehousing for fruit and vegetables
  • Process data acquisition for testing facilities in chlorine gas production
  • BDE and consumption data acquisition from print machines
  • Automated oven and fire monitoring
  • Monitoring of welding parameters and soldering equipment
  • Acquisition and monitoring of wire drawing processes

Delphin data acquisition systems feature different analog and digital I/O modules that can be used with a wide range of signal types including voltage, 4-20 mA current, thermocouple, RTD, and resistance. They also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities allowing these instruments to process measurements and initiate actions completely independently.

Process automation systems can be used for local data acquisition and logging when connected to a PC, for remote unattended data collection connected the internet, or as stand-alone devices.

For further information on Delphin Data Acquisition Systems, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or request more information.