Setting up a Non-SSL SMTP Server for Use with a T&D RTR-500MBS-A

T&D’s RTR-500MBS-A Mobile Base Station is a GSM-based base unit for the T&D RTR-500 wireless monitoring system. These wireless data loggers are ideal for monitoring and alarming temperature in trucks, warehouses and more. Like T&D’s other base units for this system, it requires an SMTP server that does not use SSL. Some cell companies advertise e-mail with their carrier services, but the RTR-500MBSA cannot use the automatic SIM settings provided by these cell services. With this in mind, CAS DataLoggers shows you how to quickly set up auto-data transfer in our latest Technical Article.

Setting Up the Free Service:

After some searching, we discovered the site This site has a free service (listed as a trial on the main page) that allows up to 1000 emails a month through the service.

Setup of the service is easy–simply provide an e-mail and a password. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail to that account. No payment type is necessary for the free service. After you review the confirmation e-mail, you’ll be able to log in. The initial page is a dashboard that summarizes your traffic for the month and provides you with the server settings.

Below is a screenshot of the settings as they should appear. The actual e-mail address will be the address you use to sign up for the SMTP2GO service.

These straightforward steps will allow you to use most network-connected standalone devices that act as an SMTP client to send e-mails to anyone.


Automated Temperature Monitoring and More:

T&D’s RTR-500MBS-A Mobile Base Station is ideal for data management in remote locations where local internet is not available (e.g. in mountainous areas).

The Mobile Base Station RTR-500MBS-A supports all Remote Units in the RTR-500 Series, and it can be used anywhere in a 3G coverage area. This enables data collection and monitoring without needing a LAN or PCs. The RTR-500MBS-A is compatible with all T&D RTR-500 Series Data Loggers, including the popular RTR-505 models which monitor temperature, current/voltage and more.

By setting the free T&D WebStorage Service as the recipient of data, users can quickly store and access important data without having to prepare their own server. T&D’s cloud storage service continually monitors your data looking for any value that exceeds your preset upper/lower Alarm Limits. You’ll receive an “Alert” icon and color-coded values in graph form, and you can also check the current conditions of each data logger, including their battery levels.

With T&D wireless data loggers, the WebStorage Service will also enable you to track your data on your mobile device so you can view it anytime, anywhere. You can also enable multiple users to simultaneously view, share and use the data remotely.