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Standalone Monitoring Systems Offer Secure Operation

Record Data Anywhere, Independent of a PC

Do you need Standalone Monitoring Systems to record environmental data in the field, away from PC support? Are power outages a concern?

At CAS DataLoggers, many of our customers call in requesting a PC-independent monitoring system which can simultaneously collect two or more different kinds of data. Whether your project involves environmental data collection, industrial process monitoring, or another application, Delphin Standalone Monitoring Systems are both flexible and secure solutions.

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Multi-Value Data Collection:

Standalone Monitoring SystemsDelphin’s versatile Expert Logger Series offers data loggers for virtually any area of application. Expert Logger devices are capable of acquiring practically any type of sensor signal including:

  • Temperatures
  • Voltages
  • Currents
  • Pressures
  • Water Levels

Digital signal acquisition is also possible, such as from meters or switches.

The Expert Logger family features analog input counts ranging from 16 to 46, with expansion modules also available. All Expert loggers have an aggregate sampling rate of 1000 Hz, featuring 24-bit A/D’s for high-resolution measurement and galvanic isolation for noise immunity and device protection.

Check out our new video on the Expert Logger Family by clicking here.

Standalone Monitoring Systems Operation:

Delphin’s Expert Logger family is a range of compact stand-alone data loggers useful for data logging applications requiring portability and versatility.

Expert Logger series data loggers operate in ‘standalone’ mode, i.e. independently without the need for PC support. They can securely maintain recorded measurement data in their internal data memory (up to 60 million readings), even in the event of a power failure.

Ideal for a wide variety of environmental and industrial applications, Expert Logger systems can optionally be outfitted with WiFi or cellular/LTE communications modules for remote applications.

After power is restored, Delphin devices automatically restart and continue data recording. Data memories can be read out via LAN. For process and lab applications, Expert Logger series devices can also perform monitoring and alarm functions.

Application Features:

  • Reliable solutions for independent and secure data recording
  • Universal inputs suitable for connection with any type of sensor (e.g. mA, mV, RTD, thermocouples, etc.)
  • Configuration is simple and easy to follow
  • Intelligent processing via internal channels for calculation, statistical and limit value functions
  • High-speed data evaluation via Delphin ProfiSignal Go Software. Profisignal Go provides continuous online trend analysis of measured data with the ability to selectively record data.

Customer example: Mobile Water Treatment Plant

Mobile water treatment units are widely used for relief and humanitarian aid projects in crisis regions around the world. Our customer has several of these units installed within trucks or trailers. Deployed alongside the units, Delphin data loggers continuously and independently record a range of vital process parameters such as temperatures, pressures, flows and error reports.

Meanwhile water quality parameters (such as conductivity) continually undergo monitoring with onsite triggering of acoustic and visual alarms whenever user-set thresholds are exceeded. This ensures that the customer has ample time to take remedial measures and preserve water potability.

Standalone Monitoring Systems All this data is periodically evaluated at operational headquarters using a Delphin UMTS module. In the event of malfunctions, the onsite Delphin systems automatically send emails directly to the director’s email.

Typical areas of application:

  • Traffic census reporting
  • Solar panel data loggers
  • Aircraft condition monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Meteorological data collection
  • High-speed dataloggers

Experienced Solutions Providers:

CAS DataLoggers is a longtime distributor of German-based Delphin Technology and many other quality manufacturers. We can provide you with a customized monitoring system tailor-made for your specific application.

For more info on Delphin Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLoggers Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or contact us here.