Startup Process for the Accsense B1-06 Wireless Gateway

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Gateway Startup Process:

Accsense B1-06 GatewayWhen users first connect an Accsense B1-06 wireless gateway to the network and power it up, it will go through the following process as it connects to the Acccsense server via the network:

First the gateway will perform its Power On self-test. When this test is in process, the three lower LEDs in the string—the Error Status, Network Activity and Operating Status LEDs will be flashing in unison. After a short period of time, all three of these LEDs will go out, and then the network connection process will begin.

This process begins with the Operating Status LED and the Network Activity LED flashing alternately. After a few seconds, the Wireless Activity LED begins to flash, and the Wireless Status light comes on solid blue. This occurs because the Gateway is now polling the Wireless Pods and collecting setup information to transmit it to the Accsense server.

When this process is complete, the Operating Status LED and the Power LED will stay solid until such time as the next transmission to the server occurs. When the gateway is in its idle state and is neither collecting nor transmitting data, both green LEDs should be solidly lit at all times. This is always your primary indication that the gateway is functioning correctly.

Note: If either of these LEDS goes out for an extended period of time, then the gateway has lost connection with the Accsense server. In this event, you should call Accsense Technical Support FREE at (440) 729-2570.

Accsense Wireless Gateways:

The Accsense B1-06 Gateway is the connection between your data and the internet. The B1-06 Wireless Gateway sends all of your data to either our secure Accsense servers or as a local ASCII stream which you can incorporate into your own custom software. Data stored online can be downloaded as a CSV file and loaded into most database applications. Additionally, our servers can send out phone, text or email alerts (with Premium Subscription) to inform designated staff the moment that a reading falls out of range.

Accsense Monitoring Systems let you setup powerful alarms which send out Email, Pager or Phone notifications whenever your temperature or other values go out of specification. This includes Power or Internet outage notifications. Users sign in using a standard web browser to retrieve reports and graphs or to modify the system configuration from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Accsense is commonly used for temperature and humidity monitoring in hospitals and pharmacies, for environmental monitoring in industry and medical cleanrooms, for cold chain storage, and for use in many other industries.