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Delphin Expert Vibro Records Machine Vibration and Analyzes Humming

Gas turbine efficiency is critical to a facility’s productivity. A global manufacturer of gas turbines uses Delphin Expert Vibro Data Acquisition & Control Systems for humming vibration analysis of data collected within turbine combustion chambers. Continual monitoring is required not only of conventional vibration data from bearings and shafts, but also of dynamic pressure vibrations. … Continued

Using Delphin High Speed Data Logging to Increase Farmer Efficiency and Crop Yields

Leibniz Institute Goes High Tech for Agricultural Soil Testing *Adapted from ‘Guaranteeing Yields’ from Delphin Technology Delphin Technology provided The Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (LIVO) with a custom data acquisition system for use in mapping soil conditions in agricultural fields. The measurement system has been developed as part of the institute’s research … Continued

Using Delphin ProfiSignal Software Stopwatch Function to Find Train Length

Powerful ProfiSignal Go Data Acquisition Software for Analysis A Delphin data acquisition system from CAS DataLoggers, such as the highly accurate Expert Key or LogMessage devices, can be used in a train yard for many different applications.  These advanced monitoring and control systems are ideal for monitoring the weight of freight cars, counting cars coming … Continued

Delphin System Streamlines Test Evaluation at Henkel

Measurement Data Acquisition Used in Developing New Washing Detergent In 1907 German manufacturer Henkel developed Persil, the first automatic washing powder, which made clothes washing much easier. Clothes washing went on to become even simpler and environmentally friendlier. Households began to wash with machines rather than by hand, and enzymes and tensides became common ingredients … Continued